Equality for all

Our father, John Harney, started Harney & Sons in 1983. Shortly after, he brought us, two of his sons, into the business, and we continue to operate it today. 

We have always been an equal opportunity employer that looks out for the employees' interest. Since the company’s founding, we have been based in rural Connecticut and Upstate New York, where we hire local employees from diverse backgrounds. We never discriminate based on sex, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Being a small, family-run company, upper management has always consisted of members of the Harney family. However, there are women and BIPOC in the next level of management and a diverse workforce under them. The management and staff at our shop in SoHo has an even bigger representation of BIPOC, which reflects the demographic diversity of New York City. We are committed to a living wage and providing fair benefits, including health care, paid time off, and child care.

The Harney's have always been surrounded by and have had immense respect for people from Asia. Our Founder: John Harney, had one of the first Chinese restaurants north of New York City with Chef Danny Lee who taught Mike and Paul to love China and its cuisine. Danny went on to lead the Asian cuisine department at the Culinary Institute of America. Later, Mike worked and learned from many different Japanese business people in Paris, Chicago, and New York. Since Harney & Sons started in 1983, we have bought the best teas that Asia offers. Travels to many Asian countries have given us a love of Asian people both here and there. This admiration of the cultures of various Asian people has been passed down to the next generation.
It is heartbreaking for us to witness the tragedies in Atlanta and those that have happened in various cities. Often it has been an elderly Asian American. Having an elderly mother, we can imagine the pain that it causes to families.
We will stand with our friends to stop these tragedies. Also, we will contribute to AAJC: Asian Americans Advancing Justice. Please feel free to do the same through Daily Karma Round up at check out.
We are also working with @mingtsai to create a blend “Kind Tea”. A portion of the sales will be used to support organizations that #stopasianhate.

We don't make tea for some, we make tea for all. And to succeed, we need great employees from all walks of life.

Paul and Mike Harney 

Accountability, Authenticity, Action

45% of Harney & Sons Management and Department heads are BIPOC and 50% are women.

The Harney family has members of the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities and cares deeply about equity for all. 

Harney & Sons is currently offering the possibility for customers to round up online purchases to make a donation to the NAACP, which we will match. In addition, we are making a $5,000 donation to the  NAACP on Juneteenth, 2020. We have also started to identify BIPOC-led environmental charities to contribute to as part of our  1% for the Planet commitment and will continue supporting local community initiatives with an eye on BIPOC equity. We have long supported and will continue to support, our local Northeast Community Center (NECC) which offers support for the BIPOC community and our community at large. 

Harney & Sons will continue to listen to the BIPOC community in order to understand what our role in helping to provide equity for all will be in the future.