Gifts for Tea Lovers

Gifts for Tea Lovers

We’ve made finding gifts for tea lovers easy with our gift guide. Find gifts ideas for family, coworkers, teachers, and many more.

Every year, it’s the same holiday struggle: do my sequined party pants still fit, and where do I find great gift ideas? While we can’t help with the first question, we can with the second! When it comes to sourcing gifts for tea lovers, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to presents for tea lovers that are sure to cause steep happiness! It’s even broken out by categories like gift ideas for families, gift ideas for coworkers, gift ideas for teachers, neighbor gift ideas, and more! Get ready to wrap up your holiday shopping so fast, that you’ll have extra time to hit the gym and rock those sequined party pants!


When it comes to gift ideas for families, we think the perfect gift is a tea chest that can be passed down to future generations, along with the memories of selecting teas from the chests and sharing them together.

  • Heirloom Tea Chest. Our bamboo version gives a slightly modern twist on a classic tea chest. Comes filled with nine types of teas for a total of 90 tea bags.
  • Taupe Wooden Heirloom Tea Chest. A classy taupe wooden take on our heirloom chest also features the Harney & Sons crest for a beautiful presentation.
  • Bamboo Heirloom Tea Chest. This bamboo tea chest has a slightly longer shape and contains eight types of teas for a total of 32 sachets. Like the others, it comes with a quote from our founder, John Harney, inside the lid.
  • Linen Tea Chest in Grey. Looking for understated elegance? Look no further than our grey linen tea chest filled with 32 sachets. All our tea chests can be refilled with the teas of your choosing for decades to come.


Neighbors are a lot like family – while we don’t get to pick them, we still have to live with them! Whether your neighbors have become your indispensable best friends or you’re still struggling to make that connection, these neighbor gift ideas will tell them they’re lucky to have you next door!

  • Best Sellers Set. Four classic tins of our best-selling teas – Hot Cinnamon Spice, Paris, Earl Grey Supreme, and English Breakfast – say, “I’m so glad you’re my neighbor!”
  • Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea Gift Set. They’ll love that you remembered the one time they said, “I love Harney’s Hot Cinnamon Spice tea so much!” when they open this boxed gift set. (And yes, you knew they dropped that hint on purpose!)
  • Williamsburg Duo & Cookbook. Drop your own hint about how much you’d love to have them bake some treats to share when you give them this Williamsburg holiday gift set, complete with the famed Raleigh’s Tavern cookbook.


Gift ideas for coworkers can be some of the most challenging and also some of the most fun! Delight those folks you spend a lot of time around with one of these gifts for tea drinkers.

  • Harney Heritage Individually Wrapper Sachet Sampler. Not sure what kind of tea they like best? Let us choose for you! This sampler box contains 20 sachets of various flavors. It’s affordable and can be refilled over and over with their favorite teas.
  • Bubble Tea Set. Bring a little fun to the office with bubble tea! This set comes with everything needed for a deliciously different experience.
  • Harney & Sons Mug w/Infuser. Tired of looking at that “World’s Greatest Lover” mug on their desk? Class it up with our Harney & Sons mug with its own infuser and show them you’re the World’s Greatest Coworker.
  • Hot Cinnamon Day & Night Set. Nobody likes a cranky coworker. Help them get a sweet ‘n spicy caffeinated bounce to their day with our Hot Cinnamon Spice tea and a good night’s sleep with our Decaffeinated Hot Cinnamon Spice.


Teachers give so much of themselves beyond the classroom. Show your appreciation for their dedication with a thoughtful present. Find even more gift ideas for teachers on our Teacher’s Gifts page.

  • Teabag & Honey Sampler. Sweeten a teacher’s day with a gift of 15 different teas (a total of 60 tea bags) featuring a wide variety of caffeinated, decaf, and herbal teas along with ten honey sticks.
  • Deep Sleep Ritual Gift Set. Share the gift of a well-earned good night’s sleep with this set featuring our Hemp Moringa Deep Sleep blend with restorative herbs and CBD from our home-grown, all-natural hemp. The fine mesh filter will allow teacher to enjoy an A+ sip.
  • Finest Tea Starter Set. Give your teacher a lesson in preparing the perfect cup of loose-leaf tea with this starter set. With a perfect scoop teaspoon, fine mesh filter, and best-selling Hot Cinnamon Spice tea, they’ll be acing the art of brewing loose tea in no time!
  • Hot Apple Spice Tea. The best apple a teacher could ever ask for, they’ll enjoy sinking their taste buds into this spicy, invigorating cup. A great way to help a tired teacher get through the rest of their day.

Tea Lover

Tea lover gift ideas are our specialty! While we have over 300 varieties of teas as well as wonderful tea wares, here are four sure-to-please-tea-lovers suggestions.

  • Loose Teas Signature Gift. It doesn’t get much classier than this understated yet stunning gift set featuring a silver-plated tea strainer nestled in a box with four fan faves: Hot Cinnamon Spice, Earl Grey Supreme, Paris, and English Breakfast.
  • Cristel Glass Teapot. Every tea lover needs a great teapot! This sophisticated teapot comes in three unique styles with an infuser for easy loose-leaf tea prep. 
  • Paris Tea Gift Set. A gift set oui know Paris fans will adore! Three types of our beloved Paris tea along with a Paris tea towel and Eiffel tower spoon in a ready-to-give box. Voilà! This also makes a great gift for Earl Grey fans who want to try something with a similar flavor base but with additional caramel, vanilla and black currant flavors.
  • Harney & Sons Guide to Tea. My dad, Mike Harney, has penned the ultimate guide to understanding and better enjoying tea. Full of tea knowledge and tasting tips, it’s a must-have for the serious tea lover.

New to Tea

“I don’t like tea, I’m a coffee person.” How many times have you heard that? And while it just may be the plain truth – we all have our preferences, of course – it could be that they just haven’t tried really good tea. Broaden their horizons (and maybe change their life) with these great starter gifts.

  • Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea in an HRP Tin. What better way to introduce someone to tea than with our #1 best-selling blend! There’s a reason this tea is so universally popular. Both spicy and sweet (with no added sugars), HCS comes in decaf too!
  • Best Sellers & Honey Gift Junior. Three of our most popular teas in fun-size tins along with 10 honey sticks. This adorable gift comes packaged in a gift-ready box and is perfect for tea conversion!
  • Deluxe Loose Tea Starter Kit. Lose the loose-leaf tea skittishness by getting them started with the right tools to brew a perfect cup. Includes not only two best sellers but a scoop and timer for an error-proof sip.
  • Corkcicle Zodiac Mug. The “I see Harney tea in my future” logo on this awesome mug is the recipient’s first clue about what’s in store! Throw in a couple surprise sachets of your favorite tea inside to get them started.

Matcha Lover

You know who they are. Give them what they want.

  • Iced Matcha Gift Set. Let the matcha lover in your life shake their way to iced matcha happiness with this thoughtful boxed set.
  • Matcha Okurimono Gift Set. From the beautiful box to the top-quality elements inside, this gift has everything a matcha fan needs to get their green game on.
  • Matcha Bowl. There’s something special about drinking matcha out of a traditional Japanese bowl. Give them the gift of that experience with this handmade chawan.
  • Matcha Scoop, Matcha Whisk & Matcha Whisk Stand. They say accessories make everything better, and when it comes to matcha, that’s especially true! Make sure they have the right accessories to whip up a wonderfully frothy matcha with these three must-have tools.

Gadget Geek

Who says tea’s just a boring kettle on a stove and a mug? Make a tea lovin’ gadget geek’s day with these fun tea toys!

  • Travette Tea Maker. Just add hot water and tea leaves to the removable infuser and keep your tea hot for hours! Great for the office or on the road.
  • Black Bell Teapot. This little beauty steeps two cups of tea and keeps the tea warm until you’re ready for that second cup.
  • Harney & Sons Logo Timer. How long you steep your tea matters. Never over-steep a cup of tea again with this handy timer. 

Disney Fan

Yep, there’s even Disney gift ideas on our list! Disney meets tea in our collaboration with Mickey Mouse’s company – are you all ears?

  • Disney Collection. Discover our seven Disney Collection teas: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Snow White, Moana, and our two newest blends, Alice Wonderland and Mad Hatter. Each tea is blended with its eponymous character in mind and is sure to bring squeals of delight to devoted fans.

Art Lover

For those who appreciate fine art, we have teas for that! Enjoy these art lover gift ideas.

  • The Met Collection. Our collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art has allowed us to create beautiful tins showcasing well-known art. Oh, and the teas inside are works of art in their own right! 
  • The Met Gift. True fans of The Met will love this set of three Met teas and a gorgeous tea cup with The Met façade and gold handle.
  • Art Teas. Just add water to these tea bulbs, sit back and watch stunning art bloom before your eyes. Truly a unique gift.

Wellness Enthusiast

Whether they simply must buy organic, drink healthy smoothies, or are just always mindful of being their best selves, your wellness folks will embrace these gift ideas.

CBD Craver

For the swears-by CBD fan on your list, we’ve got you covered there too. Here are some CBD gift ideas they’ll love.

  • From the Roots Up Collection. From our sister company, The Hemp Division, comes our all-natural, from-the-roots-up tea and herb blends made with our homegrown hemp. This set features products with various amounts of CBD per serving so they can dial in exactly the amount they want. They also taste amazing!
  • Runnin’ on Hemp Tea Mug. What better vessel to sip your hemp tea from than this 16 oz. ceramic mug? The answer: there is nothing better!


There’s one (or more) on every list. That’s why we made Harney & Sons Gift Cards. Maybe not as fun as shopping yourself, but a sure way to have a win-win for everyone!


We hope this guide has helped make your holiday shopping a bit easier and maybe even a bit more creative. Happy holidays!


X Yu

After being recommended by a friend, I bought the Earl Grey Supreme ,The most enchanting thing about this tea for me is its rich aroma of dry tea leaves. When it first meets water, the mist brings out a gentle fragrance, making it very soothing to drink. I really like it.

After being recommended by a friend, I bought the Earl Grey Supreme ,The most enchanting thing about this tea for me is its rich aroma of dry tea leaves. When it first meets water, the mist brings out a gentle fragrance, making it very soothing to drink. I really like it.


Love these! I know the perfect compliment to all of these tea gifts is Tea Jams handcrafted jam, infused with all of Harney & Sons Tea! They also go great with the shortbread cookies that are in some of the sets already!

Love these! I know the perfect compliment to all of these tea gifts is Tea Jams handcrafted jam, infused with all of Harney & Sons Tea! They also go great with the shortbread cookies that are in some of the sets already!

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