Tea & British Art Come Together to Celebrate The Met

Tea & British Art Come Together to Celebrate The Met

We've partnered with The Metropolitan Museum of Art to create a few blends that are as delightful as works of art!
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art celebrates a milestone birthday in 2020. The museum has been portraying inspirational and compelling art pieces, as well as hosting remarkable events, for 150 years. Set on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, The Met is a frequent spot for tourists and fans of the arts alike. It's a pure delight  from the minute you walk through the grand doors. 

The mission at The Met is to highlight effective storytelling, whether through paintings, murals, or sculptures. We are thrilled to partner with them and provide three new invigorating tea blends as they relaunch the British Galleries next month. The blends were designed to pay tribute to when the British first began trading tea in Canton, China, circa 1800s. The members of  Harney and Sons  truly connect with the message of The Metropolitan, as art and tea are timeless traditions and shared by many!

The tins are decorated with beautiful artwork and are equipped to make the perfect cup. The first creation is  Hot Apple Spice Black Tea,  which is similar to our most popular blend, Hot Cinnamon Spice, with the inclusion of apple pieces and flavoring. The second blend is an herbal tea we’ve called   “Garden Therapy”,  with chamomile, peppermint, and lemon verbena. The final blend is a combination of both black and green teas, with bergamot oil, called  “Taste of British History”. 

If you plan to visit the historic and iconic museum, take a look at the British Galleries and look out for the new blends! You can also find them on our website. 

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