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Nurture Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Adaptogens. Holy Basil. Ashwagandha. Maybe these words don’t generally come to mind when you think about tea. It’s time to think again.

When it comes to being holistically healthy—taking care of your whole body—you turn to ingredients and practices that influence and have an impact on the state of your mind, body and spirit. That’s why we’ve taken our expert knowledge in tea blending, along with extensive research, to create a collection of teas specifically blended to help you succeed in your wellness journey. Along with our teas come insights and tips for better sleep, better nourishment, better relaxation and a more holistically healthy you.

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Hemp Moringa Deep Sleep

Always in search of that ever-elusive good night’s sleep? Being well-rested is an important aspect of our overall health and one that many people struggle to achieve. Our Hemp Moringa Deep Sleep tea is blended to help you get the rest you need. Made with hemp leaves from our sister company, The Hemp Division, we’ve also added moringa, holy basil, turmeric, goji berries, coconut and nutmeg for a tea that’s as effective as having your mom read you a bedtime story.

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Tips To Sleep Better
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Chaga Chai Nourish

All-around nourishment is vital to being holistically healthy. When we feel nourished, we feel as if we are living with a solid, well-rounded foundation, ready for anything. Our Chaga Chai Nourish tea is a blend of wild Canadian Chaga mushrooms, wakaya ginger, cinnamon, coconut pieces, cardamom and nutmeg for a feeling of all-over warmth and can-do

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Tips for a More Nutritious Life
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Golden Milk - Glimmer

Being able to de-stress and enjoy a feeling of calm is certainly high on the list of ways to be healthy. Stress takes its toll on our entire body, to the point of being able to cause us actual physical harm. While our Golden Milk Glimmer tea won’t get rid of all your stress, it can play a role in helping manage those stress levels. With a mixture of adaptogens (turmeric, ginger and chicory root) and spices (coconut pieces and black pepper), this is one hot tea that will leave you feelin’ chill.

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Tips for De-Stressing
Harney x Caravan

We've partnered with Caravan to bring you a program that will elevate your wellness tea routine with science-backed video practices in movement, meditation, and more. Our gift to you: 21 day FREE access to Caravan - #1 app for wellness transformation.


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