Spooky Tea Potions

Spooky Tea Potions

Brew up some spooky tea cocktails for your Halloween party!
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 Having a Halloween party? Or maybe Ghouls’ Night Out at your house? You need these Spooky Tea Potions to take your scary up a notch. Creep it real with these easy-to-make, fun cocktails.  

Spiced Chai Tea Latte

Chai Latte Pumpkin


  1. Brew 1.5 C    Chocolate Chai Supreme tea
  2. Froth 1 C milk (shake in shaker)
  3. Line cup in chocolate
  4. Pour in frothed milk
  5. Pour in chai tea
  6. Sprinkle on some cinnamon
  7. Top with pumpkin topper
    1. Cut an orange slice
    2. Cut out a stem from green candy and add to orange slice
  8. Add a shot of Rumchata for a spiked latte!



Matcha Witches Brew


  1. Brew1 C   Matcha
  2. Muddle mint and juice from 1 lime in a cocktail shaker
  3. Add ice
  4. Add matcha and 1 tbsp maple syrup
  5. Pour over ice in spooky cup
  6. Add a shot of gin for a spiked brew
  7. Top with spooky marshmallow (make by cutting large marshmallows and drawing a face on with a food coloring marker)



Indigo Punch Blue Lagoon


  1. Brew1 C   Indigo Punch tea
  2. Muddle lemon wedges & lavender in a shaker
  3. Add ice
  4. Add juice from 1 lemon and 1 tbsp maple syrup
  5. Line cocktail glass with lemon and roll in purple sprinkles
  6. Pour in lemon mixture from shaker
  7. Pour in tea (watch the color change!)
  8. Add in a shot of vodka for a true cocktail
  9. Top with a lemon slice

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