National Iced Tea Day

National Iced Tea Day

National Iced Tea Day occurs June 10 every year, and we celebrate it with some of our favorite fresh brew iced teas.

If you’re an iced tea fanatic, you are far from alone. Nearly 85 percent of the billions of gallons of tea that are consumed by Americans every year is iced tea. So it only makes sense that there is an entire day -- June 10 -- dedicated to this beloved and refreshing beverage. More flavorful than water, better for you than sodas, and, unless you load it up with sugar (or rum), absolutely no calories.

While it’s the go-to drink for die-hard iced tea fans no matter the weather, and sweet iced tea is the unofficial national beverage of the South year-round, there’s really nothing like a tall glass of iced tea on a hot summer day. According to the  National Iced Tea Day website, we have the sweltering summer of 1904 and the World’s Fair to thank for boosting iced tea’s popularity, as fairgoers turned to the icy cold beverage to cool down. By the first World War, Americans were so invested in iced tea that they started purchasing special tall glasses, long spoons and lemon forks made especially for drinking iced tea. And, while iced tea does make for excellent cocktails, during Prohibition when alcohol was illegal, iced tea gained further popularity as a substitute for alcohol. (Speaking of the Roaring ‘20s, our cocktail-inspired  Bee’s Knees, the winner of last year’s customer Happy Blendings contest, would make a lovely iced tea to enjoy with or without gin.)

While you can make a glass or a pitcher of iced tea from any tea of your choosing, to make it super easy, we have developed 13  Fresh Brew Iced Tea flavors that are just a quick steep and a clink of ice away from making your day that much better. We may be slightly prejudiced, but we brew not think you’ll find finer iced tea choices anywhere else.

 Black Currant. This blend combines a robust base of bold black tea with big, fruity berry flavors. Known as a traditional favorite in fine restaurants across the U.S., this full-bodied tea draws exquisite depth from currant pieces and black currant flavors, making it a pleasure to enjoy as a summertime cool-off.

 Blood Orange.  A bold new member of our iced tea collection, Blood Orange packs the exquisite flavors of a delicious herbal tea with the relaxing, refreshing character of fruity infusions. This fruity blend brews up to show a brilliant red color and mouth-watering aroma that foregrounds boldly fruity flavors with a hint of tang.

     Blueberry Green.  A delicious summer beverage perfect for relaxing in the heat or enjoying from the comfort of your home, our Blueberry Green tea combines the light, fragrant body of a traditional green tea with one of America's most beloved farmstand summer fruits.

     Indigo Punch.  Vibrant and full of crisp, fruity flavors, our Indigo Punch combines the delicate tang of rose hips and apple pieces. The earthy tones of the gorgeous butterfly pea flower make this a unique blend. Hibiscus, bright lemongrass, lemon peel, and vivid raspberry round out the palate of this beautiful brew, along with natural honey flavor for a touch of sweetness.

     Organic Green with Citrus & Ginkgo.  Long a favorite in its incarnation as a hot tea, our Organic Green with Citrus & Ginkgo tea is equally enjoyable and delicious over ice. This refreshing blend delivers the benefits associated with green tea and ginkgo, with a dash of lemongrass, along with the bright taste of natural citrus.

     Organic Green with Coconut.  Another hot tea fave, our Organic Green with Coconut tea transferred easily to a refreshingly delicious iced tea. A wonderful breeze of refreshment on a warm, sunny day, our fragrant blend of organic green tea is infused with lemongrass, ginger, vanilla, and sweet coconut.

     Organic Plain (Classic Black). A tried and true classic, our Organic Chinese black tea revitalizes with every sip. Long before they reach us, our full leaves are picked by hand, so that each leaf's sweet character and the bright, rich body remains intact. Enjoy plain over ice, squeeze a bit of lemon for extra zing, or add a drop of honey before icing to enhance the sweet character of the brew.

     Passion Fruit.  A bright and peppy brew perfect for those sultry summer days, our Passion Fruit Fresh Brew is designed to be at its best chilled or over ice. We've blended full leaf Chinese black tea picked by hand with the sweet flavors of passion fruit to create a fresh, tropical brew that indulges the mind and the tongue at once.

     Peach.  Cool down with a deliciously refreshing southern-style Peach Iced Tea. Built on a base of full leaf Chinese black tea picked by hand, exquisite notes of Georgia peaches dance across the palate. The result of this beautiful medley is an iced tea that's pleasantly sweet and earthy. 


      Raspberry Herbal.  Our naturally caffeine-free Raspberry Herbal was created as a healthful indulgence. A blend of floral rosehips, tropical hibiscus, fresh raspberry leaves, and flavor create the base of this delectably vibrant tisane; peel from oranges and lemons play against spearmint, apple, and peppermint to round off this tea's light, refreshing body.

       Soothing Vanilla.  A bolder, sweeter take on black tea, our Soothing Vanilla combines classic flavors to create a deceptively simple and thoroughly irresistible brew. A rich, mellow black tea creates a hearty but welcoming base, while a swirl of natural vanilla flavor adds creamy depth and a touch of natural sweetness. 

       Tropical Mango.  Enjoy a refreshing taste of the tropics with our deliciously fruity Tropical Mango, now designed specially to be iced. Juicy sweet mango, tropical coconut, and a blend of bright pineapple and orange complement a rich black tea base for an exquisite escape in every sip.

         Watermelon Mint.  Crisp and refreshing, this delectable brew boasts a summery flavor profile guaranteed to refresh and indulge. The brew starts with a base of soothing green tea, then layers in crisp mint, juicy strawberry, and watermelon flavors. The end result is a fruity, rejuvenating ode to the tastes of summer at their finest. 

          Looking to add a little kick to your iced tea? Our  Harney Happy Hour post features cocktails developed just for us, pairing teas with mixologist-inspired ingredients for tea-licious summertime cocktails like Blueberry Green Tea Mojito, Green Tea Margarita, Blood Orange Rum Punch, and more. (Swimming pool is optional.)

          Interested in different methods to brew your iced tea? Check out our  Iced Tea Tips blog with info on hot brew, cold brew, and the now frowned-upon “sun tea” brewing method.

          However you decide to brew it, whatever flavor you choose, whether you take yours straight or with sugar, lemon, or tequila, make sure you take time to sip and savor a tall glass of iced tea on June 10 to cheers National Iced Tea Day with us -- it’s the cool thing to do!

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          I have tried, and enjoyed, some of the above iced teas during the summer months. And they are delicious! Growing up my mother made sun tea and I have carried on that tradition. While I don’t have my mother’s tall iced tea glasses I do have all of her long iced tea spoons.

          I have tried, and enjoyed, some of the above iced teas during the summer months. And they are delicious! Growing up my mother made sun tea and I have carried on that tradition. While I don’t have my mother’s tall iced tea glasses I do have all of her long iced tea spoons.

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