Decaf Sencha
Decaf Sencha - Loose 1 lb. Bag - Harney & Sons Fine Teas
Decaf Sencha
Decaf Sencha

Decaf Sencha

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Are you looking for a plain green tea that has flavor and some body without caffeine? We propose our Decaf Sencha as your clear choice. People who choose to drink decaf teas often get a bad deal. We wanted to offer them something better. We work with tea suppliers and decaffeination factories to make good-tasting green teas. We supplied the good teas, and they removed the caffeine using carbon dioxide. Harney & Sons offers simply the best!

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    Decaffeinated green tea.

    Mike's Rating

    4 Briskness
    2 Body
    1 Aroma
     Details: A fine decaffeinated green tea.
     Dry Leaves: This Decaf Sencha is based on a Chinese green tea and consists of wide leaves mixed with stalks, ranging in color from sage green to khaki.
     Liquor: Bright yellow.
     Aroma: Our Decaf Sencha comes from summer-grown tea, so it is a lively, grassy tea. When the caffeine is removed, so is some of the flavor.
     Flavors: Lighter vegetal flavors of grass.
     Caffeine Level: Decaffeinated
     Body: Light-bodied. When the caffeine is removed, so are some of the compounds that create the body in tea. So it is lighter-bodied.
     Brewing Time: 3 minutes
     Brewing Temp: 175¬ļ