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Fanciest Formosa Oolong

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This tea is made in Northern Taiwan and is twisted (as opposed to the balled style). It is harvested around June, which is later than other oolongs. The growers allow a leaf hopper (Jacobiasca formosana) to attack the tea leaves. The plants release a compound in self-defense that we find deliciously similar in flavor to peaches. Mike saw the plants on the defensive on a trip to Taiwan; he found it fascinating to observe this remarkable botanical process.


Oolong tea.

Mike's Rating

1 Briskness
1 Body
4 Aroma
 Details: Fanciest Formosa is another great oolong that's absolutely delicious from Taiwan.
 Dry Leaves: Light brown and green leaves.
 Liquor: Copper.
 Aroma: It has a wonderful aroma with notes of tropical fruits like guava and stone fruits like peaches.
 Flavors: Subtle flavors of spring honey, fresh white peaches, and buttered toast.
 Caffeine Level: Caffeinated
 Body: Light-bodied
 Brewing Time: 1 minute rinse, 4 minute brew.
 Brewing Temp: 212¬ļ