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Soothing Vanilla Fresh Brew Iced Tea

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A bolder, sweeter take on black tea, our Soothing Vanilla combines classic flavors to create a deceptively simple and thoroughly irresistible brew. A rich, mellow black tea creates a hearty but welcoming base, while a swirl of natural vanilla flavor adds creamy depth and a touch of natural sweetness. A perfectly fresh indulgence that’s easy to enjoy anytime. 

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    Black tea, natural vanilla flavor. Caffeinated.

    Mike's Rating

    2 Briskness
    2 Body
    4 Aroma
     Details: People have loved the flavor of vanilla for some time. We find vanilla to be very useful in many blends, so please enjoy this singularly delicious blend.
     Dry Leaves: Chinese black leaves.
     Liquor: The liquor is light brown.
     Aroma: A delicious aroma of vanilla.
     Flavors: A simple flavor of vanilla.
     Caffeine Level: Caffeinated
     Body: Medium-bodied
     Brewing Time: 15 minutes
     Brewing Temp: 212º

    Directions & Recipes

    1. Boil 2 cups of water and pour over 1 pouch in a large pitcher.
    2. Steep for 15 minutes, and then fill with 6 cups of cold water.
    3. Remove the pouch and gently squeeze it.
    4. Garnish with lemon, orange slice, or fresh mint.