Chai Teas

Chai, a fragrant blend of tea, spices, milk, and sugar, holds a revered place in Indian culture. Its ubiquitous presence symbolizes hospitality, socialization, and comfort across the nation. From bustling streets to serene homes,chaistalls adorn every corner, transcending socio-economic boundaries and fostering conversations and camaraderie. If you’ve sipped from the sweet goodness ofchaibefore, you’re among the growing multitude of Americans who have adopted a deep appreciation for India’s most adored warming beverage.

Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte


Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte


Organic Rooibos Chai

Organic Rooibos Chai brings together caffeine-free Rooibos, or 'red bush' herbal from South Africa, with sweet Indian spices of clove, cardamom, and cinnamon. Savor this blend in soothing soul-satisfying cups.


This blend features black tea from India, cardamom seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and natural cardamom and vanilla flavors. Add milk and sugar if you'd like, or it may also be drunk on its own.

Chai Hara (Green Chai)

We're happy to offer Chai Hara, a green tea version of our popular Chai tea. 'Hara' in Hindi means green, and ours features green tea with cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, and ginger. Many enjoy this blend with milk.

Reviews From Customers Like You

The flavor is a little lighter than Chai while still maintaining a well rounded spice flavor. It's perfect when I want a Chai type tea but don't want the heavy spice.

- Mary H.

Indian Spice

A very pleasant drinking experience. Made with high-quality ingredients and has a rich and flavorful taste. The chocolate is not too sweet, and the spices are perfectly balanced.

- Deborah S.

Chocolate Chai Supreme

I use chai concentrate almost every day. Out of all that are available, this is one of the best. The flavor is strong, and the spices are well balanced. Not too sweet, not too spicy.

- Carmen F.

Chai Concentrate

I love this tea! It's the one I drink most frequently. Its warming spice just sets the tone for winter in NY. I just steep it, I don't use milk but I happen to like the strong flavor and spice.

- Crystal S.

Organic Chaga Chai