China trip. Zhejiang part 2

China trip. Zhejiang part 2

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We drove down to Xianju. It is a lovely town of 100,000. There we were welcomed by Mr. Wang. Yes it was a different Wang. In China, many people are named Wang.  His season was ending soon. He makes teas from the local tea plants that are different from those up in Hangzhou.

We found that that the Chun Lu was the right tea for us (and you) we hope. It is a light green tea with a refreshing taste. 

Later on, we went to his gardens. It was a nice area. On the flats below the gardens were acres of Kiwi fruit trees. I wish they were ripe! To make up for that, we found some wild berries that were sort of strawberries and raspberries combined. Delicious! 

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