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Decaf Earl Grey, Bag of 50 Sachets

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Packaging Type:Sachets
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Our Decaf Earl Grey starts with our Decaf Ceylon, to which we add the scent of natural oil of bergamot, found in traditional Earl Grey blends. (See also Earl Grey for our caffeinated black tea version).

Each bag contains 50 tea sachets.
Each sachet brews one 12 oz. cup of tea.
Each bag is resealable to keep your tea fresh!

Ingredients: Decaffeinated black tea, bergamot oil. All natural.

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Mike's Rating

1 Briskness
2 Body
2 Aroma
 Details: Would the world still turn without Earl Grey Tea? Many would doubt it. Originally just for the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom: Charles Grey, later it was spread throughout the kingdom, and then around the world. It is so popular that we offer eight versions of it. With this version of Earl Grey, you will not be up all night pondering such deep questions about the Earth spinning.
 Dry Leaves: A mixture of dull gray (not grey) leaves.
 Liquor: The liquor is a dull brown.
 Aroma: The lemony aroma of bergamot from Italy comes through clearly. In this version, the notes are not quite as strong as the caffeinated version.
 Flavors: In the later decades of the British Empire, citrus flavors became synonymous with Earl Grey Tea. This tea is true to that heritage. It can be enjoyed on its own or with milk and sugar. Since it is a decaffeinated tea, the flavors are not quite as robust as other Earl Greys.
 Caffeine Level: Decaffeinated
 Body: Light-bodied. The body is lighter than other Earl Greys. When the caffeine is removed, so is some of the body
 Brewing Time: 5 minutes
 Brewing Temp: 212º