Harney Tea Party: Laura Jung

Harney Tea Party: Laura Jung

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#ThisIsTea Tea Party | Harney & Sons

Laura Jung, the face behind @cityfoodie on Instagram, is a natural born food-grammer dedicated to sharing stories with her fellow city foodies. Her Instagram posts go beyond the mouth-watering close-ups of local NYC dishes—though there are plenty of drool-worthy shots in her feed to keep you hungry. Laura also features the restaurant, chefs, and everyone behind the magic, too. To Laura, the quality and ingredients of each dish transcend into the success of the restaurant, and it’s important that her account reflects that same story.

Laura Jung | NYC Foodie Interview

This NYU grad manages to capture an entire culinary experience in just one picture, whether she’s eating her way through New York City or across the U.S. And in case you’re interested in stopping by for the same meal, Laura always mentions and tags the restaurant’s account so it’s easy to track down. Using the hashtag #cityfoodie, she’s built an entire community of foodies that joins her in sharing delicious dishes and stories wherever they go.

For Laura, tea is her pick-me-up. She enjoys drinking tea in the middle of the day to give her the extra boost she needs. She also loves to drink hot tea when she’s feeling under the weather.

Laura Jung | Harney & Sons

Our team was excited to host Laura at our epic #ThisIsTea party in Spring 2017. Learn more about Laura by watching her interview with us below. Don’t forget—you can join the Harney tea party at any time. Just use the hashtag #ThisIsTea when posting your Harney pics to spread your love and passion for tea!

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us and share your story, Laura! All images of Laura Jung are provided by her Instagram account. Give her a follow here.

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