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Green Fruits in Jasmine Tea Syrup

To make this a full-blown jasmine experience, we’re pairing this Disney’s Jasmine blend with Green Fruits in Jasmine Tea Syrup. The zest of lime and trio of green fruits add just the right amount of adventure for your taste buds.

Grand Prize

The Grand Prize Giveaway has ended. Congratulations to our three winners, Erin A., Erin S. and Courtney J.! Thank you to all the amazing customers who participated.

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Disney Collection Tea Quiz

Ready for a little Disney inspired fun? Take our Disney Collection Tea Quiz and discover which of our five Disney teas you are most like: Mickey Mouse Blend, Minnie Mouse Blend, Snow White Blend, Jasmine Blend or Moana Blend. Share it with your friends so you can see what kind of Disney characters they are too!

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