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English Delight Gift

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Our beautiful English Delight Gift features two tins of our English Breakfast tea: one is a traditional Chinese Keemun blend, and the other is a wake-you-up blend of Ceylon and African black tea. Enjoy your tea with our Traditional Teatime Shortbread for a flaky, buttery bite, and perhaps pop in some sugar from our sugar tin to taste. Together with the cheerful chicken tea towel, it's a perfect choice for the Anglophile tea lover!

Each gift contains:

1 - English Breakfast Classic Tin of 20 Sachets
1 - English Breakfast HT Tin of 20 Sachets
1 - Box of Effie's Oatcakes
1 - Tin of Teapot sugars by Canasuc France
1 - Lay An Egg Tea Towel by Sophie Allport


Canasuc France Teapot sugars: 100% cane sugar.

English Breakfast Classic: Black tea.

English Breakfast HT: Black tea.

Effie's Oatcakes: Wheat flour, oats, butter, cane sugar, organic palm oil*, water, kosher salt, baking soda.