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Organic Green with Coconut Fresh Brew Iced Tea

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Long a favorite in its incarnation as a hot tea, our Organic Green with Coconut is equally enjoyable and delicious over ice. A wonderful breeze of refreshment on a warm, sunny day, our fragrant blend of organic green tea, lemongrass, ginger, vanilla, and sweet coconut comes packaged in handy pouches suitable for brewing 2 quarts of iced tea each. Enjoy your favorite blend in a refreshing new way, sweetened or unsweetened. Formerly known as Bangkok Iced Tea.

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Organic green tea, organic lemongrass, organic coconut pieces, natural coconut flavor, natural vanilla flavor, natural ginger flavor. Caffeinated.

Mike's Rating

3 Briskness
2 Body
4 Aroma
 Details: Many of the blends used in our flavored green teas are what might be considered sweet, as in a dessert. So, Mike wanted to make a tea that was more savory. Being a big fan of Thailand, he decided to lean on the flavors found in many Thai dishes (at least in the States), and that is what we have blended into the green tea: ginger for spice, lemongrass for some citrus flavors, and coconut for creaminess. It all comes together into a lovely tea. With our importation of coconut water, we get over to Bangkok at least once a year, and it is an amazing city. This confirms our opinion about choosing to honor the city and the cuisine of Thailand.
 Dry Leaves: Lighter-colored lemongrass is visible amongst the green tea leaves.
 Liquor: Bright yellow with slightly brown hues.
 Aroma: The aroma of this tea is a tropical m√©lange, including ginger and vanilla.
 Flavors: This tea has a mixture of coconut, lemongrass, ginger, and vanilla flavors.
 Caffeine Level: Caffeinated
 Body: Light-bodied
 Brewing Time: 15 minutes
 Brewing Temp: 175¬ļ

Directions & Recipes

1. Pour 2 cups of less-than-boiling water over 1 pouch in a large pitcher.
2. Steep for 15 minutes, and then fill with 6 cups of cold water.
3. Remove the pouch and gently squeeze it.
4. Garnish with lemon, orange slice, or fresh mint.