Friday March 8th – Monday March 11th

Enjoy 20% off 20ct & 30ct Sachet Tins

Each tin is truly a treasure. Not only are our tins a beautiful way to display your tea stash, but they are conveniently filled with 20 or 30 sachets of our fine-quality, full-leaf tea. Pop the top to reveal the captivating aromas of your favorite brew and immerse yourself in your daily tea ritual. Save on these elegant tins and add them to your impeccable collection.Β 

Featured Products

Mother's Day

A beautiful and refreshing caffeine-free herbal blend created in honor of all mothers. A thoughtful gift for Mom, or the perfect choice if you are hosting a Mother's Day tea or luncheon. This tea is previously known as Mother's Bouquet.

Decaf Vanilla Comoro

We're pleased to offer Vanilla Comoro, our popular decaf version ofΒ Vanilla BlackΒ tea! Now you may enjoy our favorite vanilla dessert tea to your heart's content, and still get a good night's sleep.

Royal English Breakfast

A stout combination of Kenilworth Ceylon and Kenya Milima black teas makes a smooth, full-bodied brew. Royal English Breakfast is delicious when complemented with milk and sugar. Enjoy!

Reviews From Customers Like You

Oh my goodness this tea is divine! I love it during the winter months and drink multiple cups a day. So happy I found this one as it’s a great substitute for a much higher-calorie cup of mint cocoa!

- Amber L.

Chocolate Mint

This tea, and all of its wonderful flavors, is exactly as marvelous as you imagine, and does justice to the beloved mouse. Just what we hoped for, and expected from Harney. Will definitely buy again.

- Kathryn C.

Mickey Mouse

A household staple. All our tea-drinkers enjoy this one. It's got good strong bergamot and a smooth tea that goes well with or without sugar and cream. We've always got some in the house.

- Amy C.

Earl Grey Supreme

The flavor of this tea is a beautiful balance of the three flavors of coconut, vanilla, and ginger. The green tea is the perfect medium to experience the wonderful marriage of aroma and silky taste.

- Joanna C.

Green Tea with Coconut