Harney & Sons Taste of 2018

Harney & Sons Taste of 2018

2018 has been quite a year at Harney & Sons. We created dozens of new teas (55 to be exact!) and love each and every one. We especially love the ones created by you, our #HarneyTeaTribe. Read on to learn more about some of our newest blends and order a few to sip on if you haven’t already.

During the month of December, we, like many others, like to reflect on the past 365 days. 2018 has been a heckuvah year. We’ve released dozens of teas, 55 to be exact, and have loved sharing them with you, our #HarneyTeaTribe. As the year comes to an end and our minds are whirling with new ideas for 2019, we wanted to take a moment to reintroduce a few of 2018's most popular teas. Have you had a chance to try them yet? Read on to learn more about some of our newest blends and order a few to sip on if you haven’t already. We think you’ll really love ‘em.


Hot Apple Spice

A bright, autumnal blend of strong black tea and delicious fruity flavors, our  Hot Apple Spice tea bursts with the sweetness of apples ripened in the orchard, cinnamon, orange peel and ground cloves for a delicious, warming brew that has a touch of spice. Think of a mug of warm apple cider without the sugar or unwanted calories. What’s not to love?

Venetian Tiramisu

Each cup of our  Venetian Tiramisu tea begins with a blend of delicately floral Mutan white tea and toasty Japanese Hojicha. Swirling flavors of cocoa and vanilla layer throughout the tea, accented with cocoa nibs and just a hint of brandy flavor. The result is a shimmering, deliciously complex infusion that summons up visions of Venice in every sip.

The Athleteas

Kiss those sugary workout powders goodbye and say hello to a natural, sugar-free workout drink. Packed with electrolytes and antioxidants, our line of hydrating teas will give you the balance, energy, and focus you need to achieve peak athletic performance without the annoying jitters or sudden crash. These teas were designed exclusively for athletes and are available in 3 flavors Orange Man-Go For ItGo to Gogi and Get Your Passion Berry tea. They’re the ideal tea for all those trying to make 2019 their healthiest year yet!


Mulled Plum Cider

Rich in warm spices and spicy black pepper, our  Mulled Plum Cider tea is packed full of flavor. Plum and apple pieces are enhanced with spicy ginger and cinnamon to draw out their natural essence. The smoky flavor of cardamom pods and whole cloves complement this lovely rooibos-based tea. The rich flavor and color mixed with just a splash of milk make for a marvelous dessert.

Chocolate Chai Supreme

Our 2018 Endless Possibili-Teas winner chosen by you, our #HarneyTeaTribe,  Chocolate Chai Supreme has instantly become a fan favorite. This tea combines the flavors of a classic chai tea with rich chocolate and vanilla. To make this unique tea, we combined a base of blended Chinese and Indian black teas, then added all the necessities for a delicious chai—ginger root, cardamom seeds and pods, cinnamon (ground and in chips) and nutmeg. Finally, we swirled in natural chocolate, cardamom and vanilla flavor through the blend, creating a one-of-a-kind tea experience you won’t soon forget.


Berry Young

Light yet bursting with flavor, our  Berry Young tea is a blend of Mutan white tea, Strawberry Kiwi fruit tea, natural strawberry kiwi flavor, goji berries and rose petals. The fresh, warming layers of the infusion create a tea that is both tart and sweet and a perfect companion on a bright morning.

Heirloom Bartlett Pear

Our  Heirloom Bartlett Pear tea blends the sweet leaves of Mutan white tea and crisp flavors of Bartlett pears to create a fruit-filled tea you’ll love. The silvery white and green Mutan leaves mingle with delicately succulent pieces of pear, apple and peach while the spice notes of nutmeg and two kinds of cinnamon add a touch of zing. The result is a multifaceted, beautifully layered infusion.

Stock up on 2018’s most popular teas and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below. Looking for even more teas to love? Check out some of our favorite reads below:

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