What's Your Tea Sign?

What's Your Tea Sign?

Check out our Zodiac Collection of teas perfectly paired to all 12 astrological signs.

We can hardly believe it’s been nearly a year since we launched our Zodiac Collection! We had a great time matching teas with astrological personaliteas (of course, we had a little help from the universe!). The signs we’ve been seeing for the last year, so to speak, have told us that our customers have really been groovin’ on picking up their personal sign’s tea or sourcing them as gifts.

If you haven’t checked out our Zodiac Collection, we thought as we’re about to close out the year with Virgo we’d take this opportunity to highlight the collection and give you the chance to discover your perfect cosmic tea match!


Virgos are well-known for their meticulous, detail-oriented minds. Thank goodness for them! Someone has to sweat the small stuff, right? All that “t” crossing and “i” dotting deserves a special tea that represents Virgo’s personalitea. Weddings require the kind of traits – like being analytical, patient and empathic – that Virgos possess in abundance. That’s what makes Wedding Tea this sign’s forever tea partner. While you won’t find Wedding Tea coming down a store aisle, you can find it in your cart when you say “I do” to Virgo’s astrological tea pairing.

Virgo’s Wedding Tea: Green tea, blue cornflowers, rum flavor, pineapple flavor, coconut flavor. 


Libras have a love of symmetry, balance and artistry, which is why their perfect tea is Dragon Pearl Jasmine. Besides having a super cool name that also jives with being a Libra, the hand-rolled pearls of this tea appeal to Libra’s artistic nature, while on the other side of the scale, those little balls are a perfect symbol of the reflective and contemplative deep inner life of a Libra. We think Libra and Dragon Pearl Jasmine, both somewhat mysterious and definitely highly imaginative, make for a lovely and lively pairing.

Libra’s Dragon Pearl Jasmine: Green tea, white tea, jasmine.


While you never know if you’re going to get a Scorpio’s passionate, assertive side or their laidback, somewhat mysterious side, you always know what you’re getting with Scorpio’s perfect tea pairing, African Autumn. While its bold earthy flavors and chill decaf attributes perfectly mirror the dual sides of a Scorpio, you can be sure you’re getting a cuppa delicious rooibos goodness with African Autumn.

Scorpio’s African Autumn: Rooibos, hibiscus, cranberry flavor, orange flavor, orange peel. 


When the universe looked around for the perfect tea mate for Saggitarius, there was only one choice: Ginger Liquorice. This confident tea is just like its cosmic partner -- bold, independent, adventurous and extroverted! Just like a Saggitarius, Ginger Liquorice is secure in the knowledge that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea -- and that’s just fine! These trailblazers are wonderfully suited, refreshingly straightforward and both totally unforgettable.

Sagittarius’ Ginger Liquorice: Ginger root, liquorice root. 


Talk about divine inspiration! The pairing of Capricorns with our Earl Grey Pu-erh was a no-brainer. This tea is a perfect reflection of the qualities a Capricorn values: maturity, careful craftsmanship, determination and dependability. The fermented earthiness of a Pu-erh along with the never-let-you-down Earl Grey base make this the tea of Capricorns’ dreams. The cosmic energy is strong with these two!

Capricorn’s Earl Grey Pu-Erh: Black tea, oolong tea, pu-erh, bergamot oil. 


What happens when the universe pairs up the independent, humanitarian nature of an Aquarius with our uniquely strong-yet-serene Indigo Punch tea? Blissed-out harmony, that’s what! Allied with a cup of this colorful, earthy and sweet butterfly pea flower tea, an Aquarius has the perfect tea partner to help fight for just causes, change hearts and minds and share their passions – Indigo Punch to the rescue!

Aquarius’ Indigo Punch: Apple pieces, rose hips, butterfly pea flower, lemon peel, lemongrass, raspberry flavors and honey flavor. 


Good vibes are always just around the corner when a Pisces is nearby! Lovers of music, art and all things water, these compassionate, intuitive and spiritual individuals are often selfless, loving to help others. But it’s that deep connection to water that makes Island Dreams their perfect tea – a match made in the sea and in the heavens, you might say!

Pisces’ Island Dreams: Green tea, blue cornflowers, rum flavor, pineapple flavor, coconut flavor. 


Aries is a fiery, competitive and trailblazing sign. While they can be moody, impatient and impulsive, Aries are most often found passionately leading the charge, confident in their ability to get things done. Similar characteristics in our Organic Rooibos Chai make it totally compatible with Aries’ traits. The naturally red color of rooibos tea is attractive to Aries, and its bold, earthy flavors and spice complement and fuel Aries' take-charge personality – neither of them are shy! And, since Aries is already energetic enough, Organic Rooibos Chai is naturally caffeine-free to help keep Aries’ exuberance at manageable levels!

Aries’ Organic Rooibos Chai: Organic rooibos, coriander seed, fennel seed, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, cardamom flavor. 


If you’re a Taurus or you know one well, it comes as no surprise that this sign is about as stubborn and determined as they come. Those traits extend to being intent on enjoying the finer things in life and never, ever settling for less. Tauruses like to enjoy those luxuries in serene environs, taking a moment to kick back and relax after their bullish pursuit of practicality, responsibility, and beauty. Those uncompromising characteristics are what make a Taurus perfectly suited to Earl Grey Supreme. When it comes to a “nothing but the best will do” attitude, Taurus and Earl Grey Supreme totally see eye to eye.

Taurus’ Earl Grey: Black tea, white tea, bergamot oil. 


The twin sign of Gemini is one of the most unpredictable and spunky of the astrological signs. One minute social and affable, the next serious and restless, you just have to sit back and enjoy the Gemini ride. No matter which side of a Gemini you get, you’ll never be bored! It’s no surprise that Yellow & Blue is the perfect tea for Geminis. Vibrant in color but mellow in flavor, the yellow of the chamomile flowers along with the bright blue hue of lavender and cornflowers allow the lively side of Gemini to enjoy the exhilarating color while the serious side to chill out with the natural calming effects of chamomile.

Gemini’s Yellow & Blue: Chamomile, lavender, cornflowers.


We could have forecasted that the universe would match up Cancer and Victorian London Fog as its cosmic tea! There’s a 100% chance that Cancers would fall in love with a tea that has all the depth and comforting nature that this sign possesses as well. Cancers have a deep-seated need to keep the ones they love close to them. Passionate and loyal, they can also have a murkier moody side
just like when a good fog rolls in! Experience the force-of-nature pairing that is Cancer and Victorian London Fog!

Cancer’s Victorian London Fog: Black tea, oolong tea, bergamot oil, lavender, vanilla flavor. 


What has the character of a lion and tastes delicious? Hot Cinnamon Spice tea, of course! Which is exactly why it is Leo’s preferred cuppa. Anyone who is or knows a Leo is well aware of their generous, warm-hearted nature, their creativitea, natural leadership tendencies and their, ummm, proclivity to be a tad stubborn! Those same qualities can be found in our most popular tea, Hot Cinnamon Spice. Its cinnamon and orange spices give it warmth, it is generously (and naturally) sweet, it’s at the front of the pack year after year and simply will not stop being delicious! Put a cuppa Hot Cinnamon Spice in a Leo’s hands and get outta the way – something special’s about to happen!

Leo’s Hot Cinnamon Spice: Black tea, orange peel, cinnamon, cloves. 

No matter which Zodiac Collection you prefer – your sign or someone else’s – they all pair well with our specially designed Corkcicle Zodiac Mug. As the mug says: “We see Harney tea in your future!” 

Not seeing your tea sign? Don't worry, the stars will align soon and your tea will return! Just click the "Notify me when available" button and we'll send you an email!

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