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Of the six main classes of teas -- five of which are black, green, white, yellow, and oolong -- pu-erh is likely the one that is most often forgotten, yet to those who love it, pu-erh is a most unforgettable tea.

This unique tea gets its name from Pu-erh county in China’s Yunnan province, where the style likely originated. Pu-erhs get their unusual qualities from fermentation, a process virtually no other tea endures. Pu-erh teas’ prolonged resting periods give them their own class of extraordinarily earthy flavors. No other teas taste of tobacco or musk...or even dirt.

For many tea drinkers, these musky flavors make pu-erhs an acquired taste. It’s no surprise the teas are among the most popular in two cities known for their unusual foods – Guangzhou (formerly Canton) and Hong Kong. Those who do acquire the taste often become unusually, almost spiritually, devoted to the tea.

To take a deeper dive into this special tea and truly gain an appreciation for its uniqueness, read our Pu-erh Tea 101 blog post.

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