Gifts for Dad

Gifts for Dad

Find unique gifts for Dad this Father’s Day, whether he’s a tea lover or whatever he loves most.

Dads. We all love ‘em for their fix-it attitudes, their insistence that they can still be a weekend warrior like they could 20 years ago, their firm belief in their superior driving, navigating, and barbecuing skills, and even their Dad jokes. Yes, even those.

And yet, somehow, dads can be some of the most difficult people to shop for. Father’s Day rolls around, and you find yourself looking at funny ties, goofy socks, or another set of hot sauces. (Hint: he can’t handle those anymore). While tea might not always come to mind when you think of Father’s Day gifts, you might be surprised -- we’ve got the perfect gifts for dads who love tea, dads who don’t know they love tea yet, and some other choices that are unique or match other things that your dad loves.

So sit back and relax, we brainstormed for you. Oh, and did we mention that shipping is always free? Think how proud Dad will be that you saved a few bucks! You might just turn out OK after all.

For the Dad Who Loves Tea

Show Dad that you know tea plays a special role in his life by giving him this  Wooden Heirloom Tea Chest that comes with eight types of teas. He can refill the chest with his old favorites or add new favorites. It’s an heirloom he’ll use and love for years to come.

For the Dad Who Is New to Tea

Get him hooked on tea... with gadgets! Start with our  New Leaf Glass Tea Mug with Infuser -- as functional as it is cool. Throw in a  Sand Tea Timer so he knows how long to steep his tea, and a  Perfect Cup Tea Scoop so he can make, you know, the perfect cup of tea. Then add a classic like  English Breakfast tea, loose-leaf, so he can play with his scoop and infuser, and some snacks, like some good ol’ fashioned  Shortbread cookies. That is what we call the Make Dad a Tea Fan Plan.

For the Dad Who Loves to Cook

If it’s not at all unusual to find your father sweating it out by the grill or whipping up something delicious in the kitchen, The Tea Cookbook by Joanna Pruess & John Harney would be a perfect gift, especially if your dad has never cooked with tea before! Even if he already has discovered the wonders of cooking with tea, he’s sure to discover new recipes that will impress his family.

For the Whiskey/Bourbon/Cigars Dad

Wait, there are tea gifts for this dad? Yep, there sure are. Surprise and delight Dad with our Japanese Whisky tea, a rare black tea that is finished by smoking eight hours over wood chips made from Japanese whisky barrels. For the bourbon lovers, we offer our Black Cask Bourbon tea, imbued with the rich flavors of finely aged bourbon, and -- get this -- we have a Father’s Day blend that combines classic Earl Grey tea with actual bourbon for a dad’s delight! Finish it off with a smoky Lapsang Souchong, an ancient and beloved blend from China that is about as smoky as tea gets. Smoking jacket not included.

For the It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere Dad

MarTEAnis, anyone? Get out your cocktail shaker and blend up some tea-inspired cocktails from our Harney Happy Hour recipe collection. You can mix these up while the ribs with Tea Rub and BBQ Sauce are smokin’ away.

For the Health-Conscious Dad

If Dad watches what he puts in his body and wants to live his most healthy life, teas from our Wellness Collection are sure to please. From getting better sleep to experiencing the overall wellness benefits of powerful plants and herbs to finding your all-natural CBD sweet spot, we’ve got the teas to help Dad amp up his wellness routine. He might even beat you at H-O-R-S-E.

For the Salty & Sweet Dad

All our dads have a salty side and a sweet side. So we decided to put together a  special Father’s Day gift. Hits him in all the good spots.

We hope these ideas will hit your “ah-ha!” button and make gift-giving this Father’s Day a bit easier. And take it easy on Dad during H-O-R-S-E -- he probably let you win sometimes when you were younger.

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