How To Make a Bespoke Gift in 4 Simple Steps

How To Make a Bespoke Gift in 4 Simple Steps

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It's that time of year when gifts are on the mind! While we've done our best to create gifts that are great for everyone on your list, sometimes you want to create something with a personal touch!  With our new site, we thought it'd be nice to share with you how to create a bespoke gift for the tea drinker or loved on your list.

1. Choose your tea.

  • ÔĽŅBrowse our site and choose the tea & goodies you wish to include. ¬†Keep in mind whether the receiver of the gift has an infuser or not. ¬†When in doubt, choose sachets!¬†
  • Our gift boxes fit a range of 2-6 tins, so try to stay within those quantities.
  • If you're looking for suggestions I'm available via the Facebook Messenger widget or our please try our call center @¬†888-HARNEY-T.

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2. Add Gift Wrapping to Your Order.

  • Search for Gift Wrapping.
  • Choose a Holiday or Generic theme.¬†

3. Add a Gift Message

  • Add a personal note to your gift and let them know why you chose this selection just for them.

4. Wait for the Raving Thank You!

  • Your gift recipient is sure to be floored by this personal tea gift!

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