Giving Back - Harney & Sons Stewardship

Giving Back - Harney & Sons Stewardship

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Ten years ago, Paul Harney had a crazy idea.

"Let's join 1% for the Planet."

We would give 1% of our sales to environmental organizations, just like his hero Yvon Chouinard (of Patagonia). The idea seemed a bit crazy; we were barely making any money at the time. However we joined and have never looked back. In partnership with our valued customers, we have donated over $3,000,000 to the organizations listed on our Global Footprint page (2016 beneficiaries listed). One of the perks of working with 1% for the Planet is that we get to choose who we donate to. We have chosen a variety of organizations from around the country and the globe. Thank you for allowing us to do this. 

Paul & Mike


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