Bottled Iced Tea

Paul Harney has created some of the best-tasting iced teas out there. He's also curated a selection of beverages to share with us that are delicious, healthy, and created by other small businesses (not large companies). Browse our selection of ready-to-drink iced teas, juices, ales, and elixirs. Please note that all bottled beverages are sold by the case.

Lemonade + Tea

A harmonious blend of two summertime favorites, sweetened with cane sugar and honey. Each sip elicits a light sweetness and a lovely tart finish.

Orange Mango

A delightfully soft and sweet bottled beverage, full-flavored yet subtle. The smooth fusion of orange, mango, and tropical juices creates a uniquely delicious citrus drink.Β 

Organic Green

Brewed with ginkgo biloba leaves, Organic Green appeals to health-conscious individuals seeking a beverage that is both beneficial and refreshing.

Reviews From Customers Like You

Very delightful! This lemonade is a genius blend with deep and exotic floral flavor. I appreciated it and the unexpected punch of brightness in the depth of layers! Thank you Harney & Sons for a powerful summer hit! 🀩

- Quincie

Butterfly Flower Lemonade

I love this tea, I have the tin of tea sachets and the cinnamon flavor is extraordinary. I didn't believe it could translate so well to a pre-brewed canned tea. The taste is exactly as it is when I make it hot.

- Martina

Hot Cinnamon Nitrogen Tea

About 10 years ago I was in the Manhattan shop, tried this and a permanent relationship formed. The flavor is there and a tasty refresher. Highly recommended, all I can say is enjoy!

- Daniel

Black Currant

A light, refreshing drink all on its own. A great pick-me-up that's good any time of the day. For an evening cocktail, I've added a shot of dark rum, which makes for a perfectly balanced drink.

- Erick

Coconut Water