Fitness & Tea

Fitness & Tea

Get great tips on how to incorporate tea into your fitness routine and discover the benefits it can provide.

For a lot of people, sticking to a fitness routine can be a challenge. It takes time and commitment, but sometimes even for the most die-hard fitness devotees, the same ol’ routine can get … well, just routine. If your workout could use a boost, consider incorporating tea.

Tea is becoming more and more widely appreciated not only for its taste but for its many health benefits. In addition to elements like antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that many teas have, it’s been shown that caffeine before a workout can help boost your energy levels, while herbal or decaf teas can be beneficial in some other instances as well. Let’s look at some different workout scenarios and some teas that you might want to pack along with your towel and earbuds in your workout bag!

Yoga/Meditation: Calming teas

Whether you choose to set the mood for yoga class by having tea before you go, or enjoying a calming cup post-downward dog, herbal teas are a perfect complement to that zen state of mind. Here are just a few options to consider in addition to our entire herbal and decaf offerings.

Moderate Exercise: Lower caffeine teas 

For moderate aerobic exercise, like easy bike riding or walking, lower-caffeine teas are a great choice. They give you a mild boost of energy without over-stimulating your system. Black teas and oolong teas are just what this level of activity calls for, as they have the lowest caffeine content of all tea types. Again, we’ve put together a starter list of black and oolong teas you might enjoy before stepping out for some moderate exercise.

Running/HIIT/Aerobic Exercise: Higher caffeine teas

Studies have shown that having caffeine before a workout can boost your metabolism, increase endurance, enhance focus, improve microcirculation, reduce fatigue, and possibly enhance your athletic performance. Having higher caffeine teas like green tea, matcha, and the last two teas on this list that have high levels of caffeine can be a great boost to your workout routine.

For optimum effect, it is recommended that you ingest the caffeine 40-60 minutes prior to your workout to allow the caffeine to be fully present in your system. Also, as always, moderation is important. Everyone’s body reacts differently to caffeine, so know how much is the right amount for you. And finally, if you work out at night, make sure you’re not taking in too much caffeine that could interfere with that all-important good night’s sleep.

Post-Workout Rehydration: Iced teas

Even though caffeine is a diuretic, taken in moderate amounts it will not dehydrate you. Iced tea is an awesome choice for rehydration as it is mostly water (and tastes so much better!). Caffeine is also believed to help increase calorie burn for hours after your workout – so rehydrate and keep the burn going, all while enjoying refreshing iced tea flavors like these:

Recovery: THD

Giving your body the post-workout fuel it needs to recover what it lost and to help with any joint or muscle aches and pains is an important final step in getting all the benefits of a higher intensity workout. Our all-natural CBD products from our sister company, The Hemp Division, are perfect for recovery. Choose from a variety of hot and cold teas and coffees for that continued caffeine boost as well, or go with our gummies and shots for on-the-go convenience to recover and head into your day feeling great!

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