Matcha iri Genmaicha
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  • Matcha iri Genmaicha
  • Matcha iri Genmaicha
  • Matcha iri Genmaicha
  • Matcha iri Genmaicha
  • Matcha iri Genmaicha

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Matcha is a much beloved green tea in Japan, yet it can seem intense to the uninitiated Westerner. As an alternative, we suggest Matcha iri Genmaicha, the best of both worlds. The bancha ("cha") leaves and brown rice ("genmai") that comprise Genmaicha are coated with Matcha green tea powder, and the result is fantastic!

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Briskness Body Aroma
2 2 3
Details Mike's son Emeric popularized this tea for the Harneys years ago. He used to take some of the the Matcha Jobetsugi and dust our Genmaicha with it. It became a big hit at our Millerton shop. So we rolled it out, and people have enjoyed it ever since.
Dry Leaves Genmaicha is coated with matcha. This tea is a blend of large bancha leaves and the brown toasted rice with occasional popped rice dusted with brilliant green tea powder.
Liquor The liquor is greener than most teas, except our matchas.
Aroma The predominant aroma is that of the roasted brown rice with vegetal undernotes and hints of citrus.
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body Matcha iri Genmiacha is a medium bodied green tea. The matcha gives it body, but the rice makes it a lighter brew, so it ends up in the middle.
Flavors This has become a popular tea. People have love the flavor of roasted vegetable for time immemorial. When the wonderful vegetal flavors (spinach and artichoke) are added, it becomes irresistible.
Brewing Time 1 to 2 minutes
Brewing Temp 160° Fº
Matcha iri Genmaicha has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 14 reviews.