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Teafluencers: Abby of Little Miss Party

by Emeric Harney December 06, 2017 3 min read

Teafluencers: Abby of Little Miss Party

Harney & Sons Teafluencer Series | Abby Copleston

This party planner is back again! Last spring, we got to know Abby a little better at Harney and Son’sepic #ThisIsTea party. Read the article and watch her tea party interviewhere. Now, we’re here again to feature Abby as an official Harney Teafluencer with an exclusive Q&A interview!

As a recap, Abby is a member of the Little Miss Party team, an event planning business out of Manhattan. We had the opportunity to talk to Abby about her event planning journey and her experience with LMP. Learn more and check out some of her go-to holiday party tips below!

Little Miss Party | Harney & Sons Fine Teas

Harney: How did you get your start in the party-planning business?

Abby: I was introduced to my boss, Seri, founder and CEO of Little Miss Party, through a friend of mine that I met while doing an internship in the music industry. I initially started out babysitting for Seri’s two sons, and then eventually began helping with parties! I have a background in live event production, so it was a natural transition. I’ve been working for LMP for 3 years now and have not looked back!

Abby of Little Miss Party

Harney: Why are parties your passion?

Abby: I love planning birthday parties for little kids—there are so many super cute kids party themes and it’s so fun to see a little kid’s face light up when their birthday party dreams come true.  

Harney & Sons Teafluencer Interview: Abby Copleston

Harney: Let’s talk tablescapes: Any advice on how to make sure it all coordinates?

Abby: Pick a few colors for your party and stick to them. Make sure all of your elements for your tablescape complement each other and fit within your color story. If you are planning on incorporating any metallic elements, we recommend choosing one metallic and sticking to it!

Little Miss Party | Harney & Sons Teafluencer

Harney: What three things must every gathering have, no matter the occasion?

Abby:Every party needs good music, a killer cocktail and plenty of food!  

Harney: Do you have any go-to drinks or recipes you like to serve during the holiday season?

Abby: I just made a Pineapple Rum Holiday Punch that is to die for! It’s sweet, festive, and is easy to serve to a large crowd of people. Another favorite is my Apple Cranberry Moscow Mule

Apple Cranberry Moscow Mule | Abby Copleston, Harney & Sons Teafluencer

Harney: What are the best gifts to give a holiday party host or hostess?

Abby:A hostess can never have too many bottles of wine! I also love gifting the gorgeous Harney & Sons tea tins—they are so pretty just on their own with a festive ribbon tied around them! My current favorite seasonal flavor is the White Christmas Tea.  

Abby Copleston | Harney & Sons

Harney: Any suggestions on how to make sure guests are having a good time?

Abby:As a party host, you have to make sure you mingle and talk to all of your guests! Read the room—if you see that anyone is having trouble making connections, be sure to introduce them to people! Also, make sure that no one's glass is ever empty.

Holiday Party in a Box | Harney & Sons Teafluencers

Harney: What are a few of your favorite holiday party favors?

Abby: We always love to give guests at our Holiday parties festive crackers filled with confetti or candy! Mini bottles of champagne are also always a huge hit.  

Abby of Little Miss Party | Harney Teafluencer

Harney: Any last-minute tips for those stressing about party-planning?

Abby: Before you stress out, make sure you take a look around your own home! You never know what you can do with things that you already own. Look to ourblog for tons of party inspiration: holiday cocktails, DIYs, recipes, etc. Also, we sell the most fabulousParties in a Box on our website—all the decor and tableware you need for your Holiday Bash, delivered to your doorstep.

Thank you for taking the time to share your tips, Abby! To learn more about Abby and the party planning experts at LMP, check out@abbycopleston and@littlemisspartyon Instagram, and don’t forget to watch her Harney & Sons #ThisIsTeatea party interview! All photography has been provided by Abby and LMP.

Emeric Harney
Emeric Harney

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