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    Her Campus

    A college student figured out how hot tea first thing in the morning helped keep her sensitive digestive system under control.

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    Forbes lent a helping hand to 2022 holiday shoppers on the hunt for great holiday deals.

  • “English

    We’re excited to be included not just once but twice in’s 30 Best Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers list.

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    New York Magazine

    Paris tea gets a shout out again in New York Magazine’s “10 Things That Delighted Us Last Week” October 2022 article.

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    Reader’s Digest

    Looking for a gift for your neighbor? Reader’s Digest compiled a list of 15 Thoughtful Gifts for Neighbors, which includes Hot Cinnamon Spice as a way to warm up the relationship!

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    Good Housekeeping

    The experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute put several teas through their testing process and came up with their list of the 20 Best Tea Brands of 2022.

  • “palm


    Have you adultified your kitchen? Cosmopolitan has put together a list of 20 items you need to take your kitchen to a sophisticated, adult level, including our Palm Court tea.

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    When they curated their “The 50 Best Gifts for Book Lovers” list, Well+Good said, “Reading and drinking tea (or coffee) go hand in hand…” and we couldn’t agree more!

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    The folks at SPY understand there’s something special about brewing up loose leaf tea, so they compiled a list of the best loose leaf teas you can buy online, including a couple of ours.

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    New York Magazine

    There’s a mutual love affair going on between us and Rachel Bloom. Our April 2021 Teafluencer told New York Magazine that our Paris tea is one of her favorite things. Thanks, Rachel!

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    Book Riot

    Ahh, books and tea. There’s nothing quite like sitting down to enjoy both, which is why Book Riot paired nine books and teas together, including our best-selling Hot Cinnamon Spice with – what else? – a steamy romance novel!

  • hot cinnamon spice tea tins

    The New York Times

    It’s no surprise that Harney & Sons Tea landed on The New York Times 2021 Holiday Gift Guide. Order as a gift or treat yourself and discover that “it’s unlike any tea you’ve ever had.”

  • Harney heirloom tea chest


    Gift baskets make thoughtful presents, and our Heirloom Tea Chest featured in Forbes Best Gift Basket is proof you’ve found the perfect gift with Harney. It’s a present that fits every tea lover who likes variety and organization to a tea!

  • Harney iced matcha kit


    Your search for the best gifts stops here. Check out our iced matcha kit in Glamour’s Best Gift List. It's got everything to make a legitimate green matcha latte at home, which means saving green otherwise spent at the café.

  • Harney zodiac collection


    Your Zodiac sign has never tasted better. See what PopSugar has to say about our new Zodiac Collection, with 12 heavenly blends bursting with flavor for each astrological sign. The Pop-stars have spoken!

  • Harney dragon pearl jasmine tea

    The New York Times

    We’re stoked about our Dragon Pearl Jasmine being listed as one of The New York Times best teas according to Wirecutter’s staff (but not surprised!). Little hand-rolled jasmine tea pearls for the win!

  • tea tin on carpet


    Thanks to the popularity of the Netflix series Bridgerton, tea is having a moment. From the prettiest teapots to loose-leaf teas with floral notes, this article is your guide to creating a sophisticated tea experience at home.

  • shakespear and tea tin

    The New York Times

    Harney & Sons introduced a lovely, fragrant tea blend inspired by the flowers and herbs in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Proceeds will benefit Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London.

  • tea and tin on canvas


    Winter is the perfect time to cozy up on the couch with a cup of tea, and these 15 brands will keep you warm even as temperatures drop.

  • tea and leaves

    Daily Beast

    Those looking to boost their immune systems ahead of the cold and flu season can turn to this selection of herbal teas, packed with health and wellness benefits.

  • white tea set


    As many of us work, play and stay at home amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Kitchn editors share the drinks they’re relying on to keep them caffeinated and hydrated.

  • steeping tea

    Taste of Home

    Relax and unwind after a long day by sipping on a cup of one of these calming tea blends.

  • easter eggs and tea tins

    Good Housekeeping

    This year, be the Easter Bunny for the grown-ups in your life by gifting them an adult-friendly Easter basket that caters to their unique interests.

  • tea tins in front of fireplace


    This holiday season, consider one of these gifts inspired by the Queen for “The Crown” fan on your list.

  • blue tea tin

    Women’s Health

    Next time you’re feeling under the weather, sip on one of the following teas to soothe your sore throat.

  • pink tea tin with treats on a table

    New York Magazine

    While the traditional 10-year wedding anniversary gift of tin or aluminum may not appear romantic at first, this list recommends a number of options for every couple to show their love.

  • iced tea with fruit


    Counteract the summer heat by brewing a refreshing iced tea with one of these black tea blends.

  • tea with tin blue table cloth

    Business Insider

    As the most popular beverage in the world after water, there are so many different types of tea available that it can be overwhelming. Turn to this guide to learn more about the 10 best teas to carry you through the entire day.

  • The Disney Tea Collection

    Tasting Table

    Our new Disney Collection drew the attention of the Tasting Table, who noted that the Disney character-inspired teas will make your daily routine feel more enchanting. “You’re just a single sip away from nostalgia,” they wrote.

  • 8 tea pot kettles


    When Forbes wrote an article entitled “All the Tools You Need to Brew Perfect Tea, According to the Pros,” they included our Gaiwan cup. It’s been essential to tea drinking for centuries and remains so today, for good reason.

  • 8 tea pot kettles

    The Washington Post

    No matter how you feel about all things pumpkin spice, this Washington Post article explores this seasonal phenomena, including a nod to the delights of enjoying a cuppa Harney Pumpkin Spice tea and a buttered English muffin.

  • a tea tin of Harney & Sons organic turmeric ginger tea

    USA Today

    We love this shout out to our Millerton, NY shop as one of the 10 essential places to visit when in Dutchess County. This part of the country is truly beautiful, and we hope if you visit you’ll stop by for a cuppa and bite.

  • A tin of Met tea blends

    The Dailey Beast

    At Harney & Sons, tea has literally Met its match! Art lovers who love tea (and tea lovers who love art) will totally dig this dive into the collaboration between Harney and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  • Yellow & Blue herbal tea infusions tin open with several sachets of herbal tea falling out

    Bon Appétit Magazine

    When editors from Bon Appétit went sipping for the best herbal teas, we’re proud to say that two of Harney’s blends made the list. Rumor has it these folks know what they’re talking about.

  • Citron Greent tea tin from Harney & Sons with an orange that is peeled open

    The Everygirl

    Anyone who has worked for themselves from home knows you need a special set of skills and tools to stay focused and productive. For this freelancer, that includes Harney tea.

  • Mother's Day caffeine-free tea tin from Harney & Sons surrounded by flowers (it's a flower tea)


    As the article says, “What do you get for the person who has spoiled you most in the world?” The answer: nothing less than the best, which includes a Harney gift set.

  • A table with a large bowl of Japanese green tea and behind that to the right a tea tin of Japanese Sencha by Harney & Sons fine tea importers


    In this list of self-care gifts, it’s always good to note that if you’re going to give someone an electric kettle, you best give them some loose-leaf tea to use with it!

  • A tabletop outdoors with flowers, tea brewing in a mason jar and a tea cup all in the background. In the front is a tin of Chamomile mint CBD tea from Harney & Sons

    Discover Magazine

    More and more people are turning to CBD as an all-natural way to combat anxiety and stress. Our Hemp Moringa Deep Sleep wellness blend made this list of 18 anti-anxiety CBD teas.

  • Earl Grey Imperial tin from Harney & Sons surrounded by a large bowl of Earl Grey tea, a brewed cuppa Earl Grey and a turquoise-colored teapot.


    Grab some tea knowledge with your favorite morning cuppa and gain a deeper appreciation of this ancient drink.

  • A pouch of Pumpkin Spice Tea from Harney & Sons and in front of that a hand pouring hot tea from a gladd teapot into a glass teacup.

    Food Network

    While pumpkin spice takes center stage in all kinds of limited edition items during the fall, the good news is you can get your pumpkin spice tea fix with Harney all year long!

  • A open tin of Paris Tea from Harney & Sons with macaroons and a full tea cup.


    Looking for ways to give up coffee? Testers from Prevention magazine’s kitchen have provided a list of java subs – like tea, of course – to make the transition seamless and tasty.

  • At the center a Hot Apple Spice tea pouch and a brewed cup of spice tea, surrounding this are baskets of apples and a few oranges.

    The Cut

    Go beyond the usual mundane stocking stuffers with ideas from this list, including one “For the Reformed PSL Fanatic.” Yes, tea makes great stocking stuffers!

  • Murder on the Oriental Express tea tin from Harney & Sons.

    Well + Good

    Tea and books are a natural combo, especially when you have tea named after books! Delight someone on your list (or delight yourself) with our Little Women blend, or go a little darker with Murder on the Orient Express.