The Emily Winfield Martin Collection

The Emily Winfield Martin Collection

Learn about our baby shower tea collection featuring the artwork from New York Times bestselling author Emily Winfield Martin’s book The Wonderful Things You Will Be.
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When we first came across Emily Winfield Martin’s whimsically beautiful work, we were enchanted, which is no surprise since her work is inspired by fairy tales, music, myths, film, and the natural world. Also, she believes in sea monsters.

Emily also believes in beautiful dream worlds, acceptance, and the special love that parents have for their children. While her many paintings and books that she has authored are all special, it was her New York Times bestseller The Wonderful Things You Will Be that struck a unique chord with us. This breathtaking book is a celebration of love and possibility as a parent contemplates who their child will grow up to be: brave and bold or creative and clever, playing in a band, or sewing pants for squirrels. (Just think about it, the pockets would be perfect for storing nuts!). It’s like a beautiful mashup of Dr. Seuss’ Oh, the Places You’ll Go! meets Winnie the Pooh.

This is the first time

There’s ever been you

So I wonder what

Wonderful things you will do.

We decided a book that’s destined to be a family heirloom and read again and again deserved a special tea collection all its own. We’re so honored that Emily agreed to collaborate with us and lend her magical illustrations to create three special tea tins celebrating the wonder and beauty of becoming a parent and beginning that special journey of discovering who your child will be and what they will do.

Our Emily Winfield Martin Collection features three teas showcasing Emily’s artwork. Combined with Emily’s The Wonderful Things You Will Be book, they make a tealightful baby shower gift!

  1. Wonderful Things: Boy. A decaf black tea (perfect for pregnant and nursing moms) with grapefruit flavor, bergamot oil, orange oil and vanilla flavor, housed in a boyish tin.
  2. Wonderful Things: Girl. Same tea as our Boy tea packaged inside a tin that is most decidedly for those welcoming a baby girl.
  3. Wonderful Things: Mystery. For those parents going old school and waiting for the big surprise at the end! Same wonderful tea inside a heartwarming gender-neutral tin.

These teas also provide great inspo for hosting a baby shower tea party! Pair them up with the equally whimsical artwork featured on our delicious Allens Scottish Shortbreads.

A little bit more about Emily: success began after she started selling her visual art through an Etsy store. She was so successful on Etsy that she was noticed by The New York Times, CNN, and The Martha Stewart Show. That online success launched her into an expanding career as an author and illustrator of several children’s books. In addition to her paintings and books, she works in paper crafts and other mediums. You can find more of Emily’s work on her website and Instagram.

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