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Find Your Ideal Tea

by Emeric Harney September 22, 2020 3 min read 1 Comment

Find Your Ideal Tea

If you are currently in the midst of trying to find your perfect mate, or if you have ever dated at all, you know how daunting it can be. The nervousness, uncertainty, sweaty palms, butterflies...and that’s just filling out your profile and finding a picture that doesn’t make you look utterly ridiculous.

When it comes to finding your perfect tea (or teas, because unlike dating, it’s ok to be in love with more than one at a time), think of us as your, eHarmony, Tinder, Hinge or Grindr… only without the potential losers that you’ll have to admit to your mother years later she was right about.

Unlike finding love, finding your ideal tea doesn’t have to be complicated or sweaty. We’ve put together some great tips and ideas so you will end up with the tea(s) that suits you to a T!


How Much Caffeine Do You Want?

caffeine levels in tea

If you were choosing the type of person you wanted to date, you’d definitely take into consideration if you were looking for someone with a peppy, chatty personality who could talk non-stop and keep you awake for hours, or is your perfect laidback and super chill mate -- or maybe somewhere in between.

The amount of caffeine you’re looking for is an easy first step in deciding to swipe left or swipe right on a tea. Not all teas are created equal when it comes to caffeine. From the higher caffeine content in white teas to the Barry Whitesqueness of non-caffeinated herbals, make sure you’re getting the amount of caffeine you desire before you bring it home.


Teas for Health and Wellness

soothing tea by bathtub

Most of us desire to have healthy relationships in our lives, a partner who helps us become a better us and lets us know when we have something green stuck in our teeth. If you’re looking for a tea that will do the same (help you be a better you, not tell you when there’s broccoli in your teeth), we have some great options to help you achieve that goal.

Many teas are well known for their health benefits.  Green teas have been consumed by the Chinese for centuries for their many wellness properties, including flavonoids that carry antioxidants. We have an entire collection of  Wellness Teas and Infusions that are sure to pair up with your healthy lifestyle goals. Whether you’re looking to destress, sleep better or simply add some beneficial herbs and spices into your daily routine, we’ve got the tea partner you’ve been searching for.


What’s Your Favorite Color?

colorful tea tins

Looking for a pairing that doesn’t take everything so seriously and just makes you feel good inside is another approach you can take when it comes to dating... or picking tea. We all gravitate toward certain colors that we just like, and we don’t even have to have a reason! If a deep mustard yellow brings a smile to your face, you do you! (And if that’s the case, you should probably drink our  Golden Milk tea with turmeric and ginger and soak up that sunny color.) If only a blue hue will do, you’ll get your happy dance on with  Butterfly Pea Flower. Looking for a tea to pair up with your vintageHarold and the Purple Crayon book?  Indigo Punch is the one for you. Go green with a  Very Berry Matcha, or see red with our  Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Tea. And if clear gets your gears turning, we can help there, too, with our nearly invisible  Ceylon Vintage Silver Tips white tea. Honestly, we could go on all day.

Got a thing for tins? So do we! While our teas are delicious to drink, oh baby those beautiful tins! Line up your favorite colors and make your own indoor rainbow. Check out our  HT Collection of high-quality teas and life-of-the-party tins.


Find Your Personali-tea!

Still unsure? Commitment issues? Or just asteep thinker? No worries, we took the guesswork out of the equation. Simply answer  these five simple questions to find the tea that best suits you and live happiteaever after!


Should You Be Drinking More Tea?

Here's just a few ways to know when it’s time for more tea:

reasons to drink tea


Emeric Harney
Emeric Harney

1 Response


October 15, 2020

The humor and fun quips in Harney blog posts always make me smile—but this one takes the cake for sure! I’ve been using the Tea of the Month subscription to try new things that I may not necessarily pick, and I haven’t been disappointed, so that is another good option for people who want to be more adventurous but aren’t sure what to pick. Since I’m usually tired and need a pick me up, definitely still miss watching Downton Abbey, and while I haven’t won a lifetime of scones I’m certainly trying to bake more, it must be time for more tea!

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