Teafluencers: Molly Hatch Designs

Teafluencers: Molly Hatch Designs

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Molly Hatch | Harney & Sons Teafluencer

Molly Hatch is an artist, designer, and ceramicist who creates modern heirlooms with an everyday charm. Her signature line of 18th century home goods and decor items turn into special treasures that exist to tell a deeper story. This Massachusetts-based artist launched her first tableware collection in 2010, and now has brand partnerships with over 30 gift and home good companies across the nation.

We had the chance to talk to Molly about her collections, designs, her partnership with Harney & Sons, and the impact she’s made on the art community. Learn more about Molly and the magic behind her traditional, yet modern, whimsical gift items.

Harney: When did you find your passion for heirlooms?

Molly: My passion for heirlooms stems from my family’s history of collecting and making decorative art. I think that the implied connection to family and stories through an object is what connects us to heirlooms. Heirlooms are imbued with a unique personal value that is fascinating and timeless.

Harney & Sons Teafluencer | Molly Hatch Designs

Harney: When did you find your passion for art and design?

Molly: I am the daughter and granddaughter of painters, so the passion for art and design runs in the family. Being an artist was presented to me as a real possibility as a career from a very young age, and I found that making objects for everyday use was equally compelling as making fine art objects for observing. When I found ceramics as a medium it immediately felt like my material. I fell in love with making useful things beautiful.

Harney: Can you describe your brand to us?

Molly: My brand is all about what makes the everyday special. I create tableware, home goods, stationary, and gifts designed to make the familiar new again. Somewhere between whimsical and traditional is where I feel right at home. My products are all about the hand and my hand-made mark is reflected in everything I design. This connection to the designer through the imperfection of the hand-made mark is what I offer that differs from so many other brands.

Molly Hatch Designs

Harney: What is your favorite part about creating lifestyle products for the home?

Molly: When I am designing new products, I am thinking about the life I live—my interest and ties to the traditional and how to re-imagine the historic to fit into my modern lifestyle. I love re-inventing the past!

Harney: You just published a new series of books, congratulations! Can you tell us why you decided to create this series and what fans can expect?

Molly: My Bouquet in a Book series is my answer to how to make a book into a greeting card. I am a nature lover and I have a past as a floral designer, so this book series is near and dear to my heart. I love the history and symbolism behind each flower in the book. I wanted to create a bouquet that would be everlasting and with meaning behind it. Each illustration is a reinterpretation of a historic botanic drawing, so even in my books I approach making the historic contemporary.

Molly Hatch Harney & Sons

Harney: Tell us about “Camilla’s Blend,” the special blend you made in partnership with Harney & Sons. What was the experience of creating a custom blend like?

Molly:  “Camilla’s Blend” is for my mother and the 8 generations of women named Camilla in my family. When creating the blend, I thought of the flavors my mother loves in her teas and aimed to create a new blend that would reflect her. I loved creating a new tea flavor that reflects my family’s love for tea.

Molly Hatch & Harney & Sons "Camillas Blend"

Harney: We love the mugs we sell on our site. Do you make any other gifts or homegoods that tea drinkers may enjoy? If so, tell us about them!

Molly: So many! We have lots of tableware in my shop, but also kitchen papers that set off a table so nicely, as well as tea towels, aprons, and so much more!

Harney: Do you have any favorite types of Harney & Sons tea?

Molly: My go-to teas are the Paris tea and Earl Grey. In the evening after dinner, I often drink Vanilla Comoro with a splash of milk. I am a huge fan of Harney & Sons teas!

Thank you for taking the time to share your story, Molly! To learn more about her and her designs, head to the Molly’s Instagram or Facebook, or visit www.mollyhatch.com. All photography has been provided by Molly.

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Please bring back Camilla’s Blend!!! It’s my all time favorite!!!

Please bring back Camilla’s Blend!!! It’s my all time favorite!!!

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