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Mayfair Breakfast
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Mayfair Breakfast

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We are proud to be the tea blenders for some of London's luxury 5-star hotels. Through our relationships, we have learned the taste preferences of the British. We know they like their tea strong and indeed this one is! An English-style English Breakfast tea, Mayfair  Breakfast is made to be served with milk and sugar.

Ingredients: Black tea.

Mike's Rating

4 Briskness
4 Body
1 Aroma
 Details: We have been the tea supplier to famous hotels in Mayfair for over 10 years. Over that time, we have learned the taste preferences of the British. We know that they like their tea strong, and indeed, this tea is.
 Dry Leaves: Dark leaves, cut into small uniform pieces (cut, tear, curl)..
 Liquor: Dark Brown.
 Aroma: Assertive, sweet-charred aromas like with roasted sweet onions.
 Flavors: In London, people drink this tea for its strength; the flavors are secondary, especially if milk and sugar are added. However, there are subtle roasted malt notes.
 Caffeine Level: Caffeinated
 Body: Strong-bodied. The British like their teas with lots of body, so thick that a spoon stands up. Mayfair Breakfast tea almost delivers this. It is intensely brisk or astringent. Most people like to add milk.
 Brewing Time: 4 to 5 minutes
 Brewing Temp: 212º