Teas to Boost Your Immune System

Teas to Boost Your Immune System

Get ahead of the cold and flu season with immune-boosting teas like green teas, herbal teas and more.

Having a strong immune system is never more important than it is during the annual cold/flu/virus season. While you may only think of tea during these times as a soothing hot beverage to help you feel better as you sniffle and cough your way through an illness, immune-boosting teas can do a lot more than that. But what are the best teas for your immune system?

Many types of teas can help boost your immune system so that you are less likely to get sick in the first place. Just like an apple a day really won’t keep the doctor away, we can’t promise a cup or two of these teas will 100% safeguard you against illness – but it’s real science that many teas have health benefits. Check out these types of teas with ingredients that can play a role in helping you have a healthier cold and flu season.

Green Teas

All tea buds and leaves contain antioxidant compounds called flavonoids. Because of how green tea is processed, however, it undergoes less internal change – which means it contains the largest quantity of intact catechins, making it something akin to the Superman of teas. Green tea catechins – a substance that protects our cells from damage by free radicals – consist of four antioxidant compounds, which is why green tea has long been believed to have many health benefits.

The antioxidant levels in green tea have been reported to be 100 times more effective than vitamin C and 24 times better than vitamin E in protecting our immune systems (see what we mean about Superman?). While you can explore our entire lineup of green teas, here are some specific green teas you might want to try. Also, to learn more about these amazing teas, visit our Green Tea 101 page.


Ginger is a flowering root plant with a host of nutritious elements. In addition to its best-known benefit of easing digestive issues – pregnant women love it for its anti-nausea properties – it can also help ease muscle pain and reduce blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels. And thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties, it can aid in boosting your immune system. Ginger also contains some vitamin C as well as antiviral and antibacterial properties. In other words, instead of reaching for the tissue box, reach for a cup of one of these ginger teas.


Known best for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help with several issues, including muscle or joint pain and digestive ailments, research has shown that turmeric has some unique properties that allow it to regulate the immune system. These protective properties can aid in keeping colds, flu, and other viruses at bay.


The echinacea plant, also known as coneflower, has been used as a medicinal herb for over 400 years. Many elements in echinacea are antimicrobial, which means they help kill or slow the spread of microorganisms, like viruses. Some research shows that the echinacea plant contains chemicals that help your body create white blood cells, which in turn may strengthen your body’s immune system. Here are two Harney teas with echinacea to try.


Also called the “drumstick tree” or “miracle tree,” moringa is an Ayurvedic herb lauded for its many medicinal uses. This superfood is packed with nutrients (it has three times more iron than kale) and anti-inflammatory properties. Its high antioxidant content also boosts the immune system with help from its high iron content and vitamin A. Moringa is also a natural antibacterial and antifungal – you see why it’s classified as a superfood! Add this amazing herb to your wellness arsenal with these teas.


Antioxidants are clearly a theme with these immunity-support teas, and goji berries are no exception. As Asians have known for over 2000 years, goji berries have many health benefits. In addition to antioxidants, goji berries have significant amounts of vitamins C and A. And we love their unique taste – a mix of cranberry, cherry, and tomato.


This plant is more than pretty. Beyond the beautiful flowers, you’ll find a plant that is blooming with nutrients like vitamins C and A, along with nutritional minerals. Hibiscus also contains chemical compounds called phytochemicals that can help prevent disease. Enjoy these flavorful teas along with their hibiscus goodness.

Citrus & Lemongrass

Boost your morning glass of OJ and vitamin C supplement with these teas blended with citrus or lemongrass ingredients. Again, antioxidants, vitamins C and A play a role in helping boost your immune system, while the flavor of the teas gives you positive vibes that are part of your wellness routine as well!

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I received Cranberry Autumn for Christmas. I enjoy it so much, it always lifts me.❤️

I received Cranberry Autumn for Christmas. I enjoy it so much, it always lifts me.❤️

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