Like This? Try That! 10 New Teas to Try

Like This? Try That! 10 New Teas to Try

Compare some of our best-selling, customer favorite teas to a similar variety you may not have tried. We have over 300 varieties of tea.
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Everyone has a favorite go-to tea. It’s like your best-loved shirt or comfort food – the tea that just makes you feel better with that first sip. But what if you were missing out on something slightly similar to your favorite tea that could make it onto your Top Ten List of Teas? Something that goes beyond just the well-known best sellers?

To help you discover new blends, we’ve put together a list of “Like This? Try That!” teas. We started with 10 of our best-selling teas and paired each of them with a tea that has some similar quality we think might appeal to you. Look at it like, “Hey, if you like U2, you might enjoy The Corrs!” (FYI, the Corrs are another Irish band, and they’re really good, just not as famous as Bono and the boys, which makes this a perfect example!)

So, without further ado…here’s our list of “Like This? Try That!” teas that we think you’ll enjoy! Happy exploring!

1. Like Hot Cinnamon Spice? Try Mulled Plum Cider!

Our perpetual best-selling tea year after year, Hot Cinnamon Spice is loved for its bright cinnamon, orange, and clove notes as well as for its all-natural sweetness that is truly all-natural – we don’t add any kind of sugar to this beloved blend.

If you are an HCS devotee, we encourage you to try Mulled Plum Cider. Think of it as a dark-and-stormy night version of HCS – a deeper, richer, and complex experience. The elements of HCS are there – cinnamon, orange, and cloves – but layered with plum, black currant, hibiscus, ginger, cacao pieces, apple pieces, and black pepper, all on an earthy rooibos tea base. It’s a little bit sweet, a little bit smoky, and a whole lotta plum delicious!

2. Like Hot Apple Spice? Try Snow White!

Another awesome spicy best-seller, Hot Apple Spice takes a page from HCS’ flavor menu with its black tea, cinnamon, orange, and clove flavors…but then adds some fruity flair with apple pieces and apple flavor that our customers love to the core!

If apples are your thing, then you’ll love our Snow White tea. This white tea is so full of apple flavor you’ll want to take a bite! We added cornflowers and marigold petals for a bit of Disney’s Snow White forest nostalgia and a nice touch of sweet balance (plus a nod to Snow White’s sweet personalitea!).

3. Like Peppermint Herbal? Try Chill!

Not only is our Peppermint Herbal incredibly refreshing with its brisk peppermint flavor, but it’s also a great tea to relax with. Customers swear by its ability to help them unwind, feel less stressed, and just chill. Speaking of which…

Our sister brand’s Chill tea takes the relaxation factor up a notch. We’ve taken peppermint and added chamomile, an herb known to help you relax, and added 16 MG of CBD made from our home-grown hemp. This is a great cup of tea to enjoy before bed or anytime some chill is called for.

4. Like Paris? Try Tower of London Blend!

Paris is consistently one of our top three best-selling blends, and fans are quick to tell you why. Like the city it’s named for, it is an elegantly complex tea, with a black and oolong base starring vanilla and caramel flavors while bergamot oil and black currant flavor play supporting roles. Go ahead, you can say it: ooh la la!

Just across the pond from Paris, you’ll find the Tower of London…while here at Harney, you’ll find its namesake blend. Our Tower of London tea has a nearly identical recipe to our Paris tea, only in slightly different proportions and with an additional touch of honey. Because we blend it with stone fruit, it has more berry flavor than its French counterpart. The amethyst-inspired tin is reminiscent of the crown jewels housed in the Tower of London. You don’t need to don your jewels to drink it, but then again, why not?

5. Like Chamomile? Try New York Blend!

Chamomile tea is synonymous with relaxation. Also known to help with tummy troubles, chamomile has long been a go-to for just plain ol’ feeling better. Seems like at some point in old classic southern movies, some mom or grandmother can be heard saying, “There, there. Let me put the kettle on and make you some chamomile tea.” It’s no surprise so many people love this classic brew.

So, it made perfect sense to utilize chamomile in our New York Blend…because even in the city that never sleeps, there are lots of people who want to! If any herb can help you shake off the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, chamomile can, especially when paired with the soothing effects of ginger and peppermint. It’s like the superhero triplets of calm. If this tea can work there, it can work anywhere!

6. Like Earl Grey Supreme? Try Murder on the Orient Express!

It’s not just Star Trek’s Captain Jean Luc Picard who loves Earl Grey tea; it’s one of the most popular teas on the planet (and possibly beyond!). Our Earl Grey Supreme elevates this classic with the addition of white tea silver tips, an elegant touch that makes this a very special Earl Grey.

If you’re an EGS fan, might we interest you in a little Murder? Our Murder on the Orient Express blend, inspired by the movie/novel of the same name, takes the same basic elements of a classic Earl Grey – black tea and bergamot oil – and adds in oolong and jasmine teas. These ingredients combine to make a tea that is elegant like the train, a bit exotic like the setting, and a li’l smoky like the shroud of mystery surrounding the murder on board.

7. Like Chai? Try Chai Hara!

The unofficial official beverage of India, Chai has grown in popularity in the U.S. over the past few years and is now a ubiquitous offering on café menus. A black tea with cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and vanilla, it is most often served as they serve it in India with milk. It’s wonderful hot or iced. There’s really nothing like it.

Or is there? Chai Hara is chai in a green tea version (“hara” means “green” in Hindi). We did season it a little differently, however, to pair nicely with its green tea base. The usual suspects are there – cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg – but we also added coriander seed, fennel, and some ginger flavor to round out this unique Green Chai. If you enjoy the lauded benefits of green tea, this chai’s for you!

8. Like English Breakfast? Try Eight at the Fort!

Fans of English Breakfast tea don’t want teas that mess around. Just high-quality black tea, please. No added anything, just the way the Brits like it (unless they add milk and sugar, of course). Our English Breakfast tea uses Ceylon and Kenyan black teas to create what some consider to be something like the ring in Lord of the Rings: one tea to rule them all.

Eight at the Fort, on the other hand, is a blend of eight teas – again, no added flavors – that we think English Breakfast lovers can appreciate. This tea incorporates eight types of black tea, oolong tea, and white tea to create a classically simple yet unique brew. It was commissioned for a meeting of the G8 at The Fort in Denver and was meant to signify the harmonious coming together of eight different world leaders for a more-than-agreeable outcome.

9. Like Organic Ginger Turmeric? Try Ginger Liquorice!

Organic Ginger Turmeric is another perennial customer fave. Is it because it tastes delicious? Is it because the ingredients are beneficial to your health and well-being? How about both?! In addition to organic ginger and turmeric, this blend has organic apple, lemongrass, hibiscus, beetroot, and nutmeg for a powerhouse cup of flavor.

A different (and delightful) twist on ginger turmeric is Ginger Liquorice. The spice of the ginger is complemented by the sweetness of the liquorice for a pleasing sip. Both ginger root and liquorice root are known for their ability to help aid digestion, which makes this another great option for adding to the wellness section of your tea pantry.

10. Like Pomegranate Oolong? Try Royal Pomegranate Green Tea!

Our final “Like This? Try That!” pairing starts with our popular Pomegranate Oolong tea. Bursting with bright pomegranate flavor, this is a simple tea with only two ingredients yet provides complex layers of flavor and aroma. It’s like drinking an oolong with sparkle.

You can probably guess what the difference is with our Royal Pomegranate Green Tea. We swapped green tea for oolong to create a lighter brew in both color and taste. If we could put the flavor of spring in a cup, this might be it. Enjoy all the benefits of green tea along with antioxidant-rich pomegranate in this blend. Why is it called Royal? Because we decreed it so!

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