Back to School Gift Ideas

Back to School Gift Ideas

Whether you’re shopping for back-to-school teacher gifts or making sure your college student is stocked with tea, we’ve got the gifts for you!
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It’s that time of year that can fill children with dread and parents with glee (kinda the opposite of the holidays) – Back to School time! Like the holidays, however, there’s a lot of shopping involved in getting kids ready for school: backpacks, school supplies, uniforms, shoes, etc. If you’re sending a kiddo off to college for the first time, the list gets even longer. And don’t forget the teachers! In addition to classroom supplies that teachers often have to supplement out of their own pockets, these dedicated, hard-working men and women deserve to have a little somethin’ somethin’ nice to help start their year off right.

We’ve made crossing these gifts off your shopping list easy with our Teacher’s Gifts Collection. Whether you’re looking for a present that will let a teacher know that they are appreciated or searching out some teas that will help your college student take a little bit of home with them, we’ve got you covered. 

Teabag & Honey Sampler. This is the perfect teacher gift, offering up 60 tea bags representing 15 different types of teas as well as some honey sticks to sweeten their day!

Hot Apple Spice Tea. A total upgrade on the classic apple for teacher, they will enjoy sinking their taste buds into this cuppa black tea spiced with cinnamon, cloves, orange peel, apple flavor, and apple pieces.

Harney & Sons Best Sellers. You cannot go wrong with four of our most popular teas: Earl Grey Supreme, English Breakfast, Hot Cinnamon Spice, and Paris. Really, hundreds of thousands of people around the world cannot be wrong. These teas are sure to please.

Harney Heritage Wrapped Sachet Tea Chest. Class up the classroom or dorm room with this tea chest filled 36 sachets comprised of six different flavors of tea. 

Harney Heritage Individual Tea Bag Sampler. A classy and compact box filled with 15 different flavors of tea. Fits easily in a desk drawer or tucks into the last remaining empty spot in an overstuffed college-bound suitcase.

Finest Tea Starter Kit. Just because they’re at school doesn’t mean they can’t brew up a proper cuppa! Our tea starter kit comes with a tin of Hot Cinnamon Spice loose tea, a perfect teaspoon and an infuser – just add hot water and enjoy! 

Wellness Trio Gift. It’s easy to catch colds, flu, and more at school! Help them fortify their wellness game with this trio of wellness teas packed with healthy properties like antioxidants, antigens, anti-inflammatories, and more!

Deep Sleep Ritual Gift Set. While the very strong hemp aroma may lead to a case of mistaken identity for your college student – and let’s be honest, they aren’t really interested in sleep anyway – this is a wonderful gift for an exhausted teacher who just wants a good night’s sleep, which is what the herbs and hemp in our Hemp Moringa tea will help them achieve. Comes with a Harney & Sons mesh infuser to help make that pre-bedtime cuppa easy.

Harney & Sons Loose Teas Chest. We’ve again packaged our four best-selling teas for a gift that’s a shoo-in, but this time we’ve paired them with a beautiful silver-plated strainer for a truly classy gift.

Met Gift. A must-have for the art teacher or art student! Features three of the teas from our Met Collection along with a lovely Met facade mug, all in a co-branded box.

Agatha Christie Duo Set. It’s no mystery why this gift set is so popular! If your student is a whodunnit fan or if you’re shopping for an English lit teacher, these teas will slay your recipient!

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