Teacher Recognition Ideas

Teacher Recognition Ideas

Teachers always go above and beyond, but no more so than this past year. Recognize their efforts with some gifts from Harney tea.

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While nearly every aspect of our lives were disrupted and veered course during this global pandemic, one area where that impact was felt most was education. Schools were shuttered, children were sent home to learn and teachers scrambled to adapt their in-person learning plans to online. According to a U.S. Census Bureau report from August 2020, nearly 93% of households with school-age children reported some sort of distance learning during COVID-19.

When you think about what teachers, parents and children had to cope with ‚ÄĒ everyone learning and working from home, strained internet speeds (and patience limits), difficult access to computers, iPads, etc., dealing with everything from children learning how to operate the mute button to keeping them engaged or even present, the list goes on and on ‚ÄĒ teachers were certainly put to the test, if you will, having to rise to an occasion that no one expected or planned for.

And rise to the occasion they did. Managing classrooms of kids in front of iPads and computer screens in high-fiving, innovative ways. Teaching math, English, science, art, music and even physical education classes via Zoom, Teams, etc. Finding resources for those children whose families did not have technology or could not afford it. Figuring out ways to teach when some students were present in the classroom and others were not. And when most everyone did come back to school, dealing with social distancing, masks and keeping everyone as safe as possible. Imagine, if you have not already, trying to tell a class of 25 kindergartners that they need to stay six feet apart at all times. Talk about trying to achieve the impossible. It’s reasonable to imagine that someone as unflappable as Mr. Rogers might have cracked.


So this May, as wild and unpredictable school years across the country start to wind down, we want to pay our respects to teachers everywhere (including parents and grandparents who took on those roles as well). We’re in awe of your talent, resilience and downright love of teaching children. Also, your profession starts with the most awesome combination of letters in the alphabet: TEA!

If you‚Äôre ‚Äúheart‚ÄĚ for teachers like we are, show your appreciation to the special teachers in your life with some teas and treats. Here are just a few suggestions to jumpstart your gifting (and possibly put you on the fast track to teacher‚Äôs pet!).

 Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea Gift Set. It’s our best-selling tea for a reason: it’s delicious! This beautiful boxed set of a variety of HCS teas is most certainly an A+ gift.

 English Delight Gift Set. With two blends of English Breakfast teas to start their day, a tin of sugars to sweeten the rough patches, some Oatcakes for that much-deserved treat during recess or while grading homework, and a tea towel that will remind them that when the going got tough, they were anything but chicken, this is a gift a teacher will love.

Bubble Tea Set. After a long day of being in charge of a classroom, teachers deserve to have some fun! Treat them to a bubble tea set so they can let their inner child play with no fear of being put in time out!

 Hot Apple Spice Tea. Instead of that nice shiny apple on teacher’s desk, upgrade the traditional apple offering with a bag of our Hot Apple Spice tea. Make the day of an art teacher or a teacher who loves art with Hot Apple Spice in a special   Metropolitan Museum of Art tin.

 Wellness Teas. After this incredibly stressful year of teaching, educators need to remember to take care of themselves (because self-care is important and because we need them!). Our Wellness Collection offers a variety of teas and infusions that promote health and wellbeing.

 Shop The Pantry. Looking for gifts that go beyond the teacup? Because we like to eat delicious food as well as drink the world’s finest teas, we’ve put together a pantry full of a wide variety of snacks and treats. Pick and choose what you’d like to create a thank-you as unique as your teachers are.

If none of these ring your bell, or if you just can’t choose, there’s always the go-to teacher gift that is sure to please when available: a Harney gift card. Limited time for this one so search for it on our website. Pick your amount and let them pick their heart’s desire. Here’s to putting the TEA in teacher! 

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