Teas for Sinus Relief

Teas for Sinus Relief

Find out what teas are best for relieving sinus congestion, including ginger teas, peppermint teas, chamomile teas and more.
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Allergy sufferers know that spring isn’t the only – or even the worst – season for allergies. Ragweed rears its ugly head from the latter part of August to November, with mid-September seeing the height of ragweed misery. Along with that often comes stuffy sinuses, cough, and just general yuck. While there are lots of great over-the-counter medications to help, you can never have too many sinus relief weapons in your arsenal. Adding teas for sinus relief to your fall allergy routine could provide some extra much-needed relief.

There are several types of sinus soother teas that can help tame the effects of ragweed and other allergens that have your sinuses on the fritz. Many of them have other properties that can also help soothe a sore throat, aid in getting a better night’s rest, and just boost your overall health. Let’s take a look at the winners of the Teas Most Likely to Provide Sinus Relief!


1. Ginger Teas

While it may be best known for its wonderful anti-nausea abilities, ginger tea is also an excellent anti-inflammatory, which is what makes it a perfect antidote to aid in reducing sinus congestion. It also helps thin mucus, which allows you to expel it from your body and breathe easier. Ginger tea has been known to come to the rescue of sinus headaches and is just generally your sinus’ BFF tea.

Some ginger teas we suggest you try when sinus congestion comes a knockin’:

  • Ginger Liquorice. In addition to the benefits of ginger, liquorice also has anti-inflammatory properties. Your sinuses are thanking you already.
  • Organic Ginger Turmeric. Turmeric is a category of its own on this list, so you again have a double whammy of sinus relief in this tea.
  • Organic Ginger Lemon. The hits just keep comin’ with this choice as well, since lemon balm has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Lemon can help soothe your throat, and reduce inflammation.
  • Organic Hibiscus Ginger. Part of our Mind Your Body collection, this herbal tea has a treasure trove of ingredients that can help relieve your sinus issues including peppermint, lemon and eucalyptus.
  • Peaches & Ginger. So delicious, you’ll forget about your sinuses! Also comes in decaf.
  • Calm. This is our ginger turmeric tea with the addition of 9 MG of CBD. 
  • Williamsburg Ginger Cake. You know ginger, orange, cloves, cinnamon and molasses are going to make you feel better no matter what ailment you have. 
  • Gingerbread Festival. Bring a gingerbread house of relief to your sinus congestion with this not-just-for-the-holidays tea.

2. Peppermint

Remember when your mom would rub Vick’s Vapo Rub into your chest when you had a cold so you could breathe? That’s menthol working its magic, and that’s the ingredient in peppermint that helps open those nasal passages and relieve congestion. Peppermint does many wonderful things, like soothe a sore throat, and it has a natural calming ability that comes in handy under any circumstance.

Some peppermint teas to keep on hand for allergy season:

  • Peppermint Herbal. One of our best sellers, this herbal tea is made of one perfect ingredient: peppermint. Are you a “go organic or go home” person? No worries, this sinus relief tea comes in organic as well.
  • Organic Green Tea with Organic Peppermint. We keep the organic train rollin’ with this green tea version of our peppermint tea. Since it’s not strictly herbal, it contains caffeine and a little kick from our Gunpowder Green base.
  • Organic Moroccan Mint. Another organic peppermint offering with Middle Eastern flair.
  • New York Blend. Chamomile is another effective herb in the fight against sinus congestion. Because every true New Yorker knows how to be tough, this herbal blend has not one, not two, but three sinus relief warriors: chamomile, ginger and peppermint.
  • American Quilt. This version of our peppermint herbal tea is packaged in a classic quilt pattern tin from our Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection.
  • Garden Therapy. Another blend from our Met collection, open your sinuses with chamomile, peppermint, and lemon verbena while you lose yourself in the beautiful Money artwork featured on the tin.
  • Mint Verbena. Lemon pairs up again with peppermint to come to your sinus’s rescue.
  • Chill. If you love CBD like we love CBD, then you’ll love this Chamomile Mint tea with 16 MG of all-natural hemp extract we grew at our sister company, The Hemp Division.

3. Chamomile

You already know that chamomile can help you get a good night’s sleep, but if your sinuses are congested, sleeping becomes more difficult. Fortunately, chamomile can help there too! It contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help open those nasal passages so you can breathe. Chamomile can also help relax your muscles as well as help with sinus headaches.

In addition to the teas listed above that contain chamomile, here are a few more sinus-sipping options:

  • Chamomile & Egyptian Chamomile. The names and packaging are different, but the contents are the same. Delicious and beautiful Egyptian chamomile flowers that make an amazing cup of sinus relief.
  • Jasmine. Don’t let the name fool you. This tea from our Disney Collection inspired by Disney’s Jasmine from Aladdin is a green tea scented with jasmine and sprinkled with chamomile for a whole new experience.
  • Still Life. Our Met Collection version of our classic chamomile tea.
  • Organic Lullaway. Sip your sinus woes to sleep with this organic herbal blend of chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, spearmint, and nutmeg.
  • Yellow & Blue. Too pretty to be medicinal, this herbal blend is made of chamomile, lavender, and cornflowers.
  • Chaga Wonder. Chamomile gets a little help from its wellness friends! This herbal blend features Chaga mushrooms, which provide rich antioxidants and naturally boost immunity, along with Ashwagandha root with powerful adaptogens. Chamomile, lemon balm, spearmint, and lavender came along for the ride to create a powerhouse brew.

4. Turmeric

Another major anti-inflammatory spice, turmeric has been proven to be an all-natural aid for all kinds of wellness issues. If you’re not a fan of the flavor, doctor it up with some honey (which is also soothing on a throat that is suffering from post-nasal drip).

While we’ve included teas with turmeric here and there in the lists above, here are a few more golden options:

  • Organic Turmeric. Add this organic turmeric powder to anything you wish to get the benefit of this powerful anti-inflammatory.
  • Golden Milk. When you pair turmeric with black pepper, you kick up the anti-inflammatory properties to the next level. (Fun science: black pepper’s active ingredient is piperine, which helps you better absorb curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric.)  We also added ginger, coconut, and chicory root. Whip this up any way you like – a Golden Milk latte is wonderful – and show your sinus congestion who’s boss.
  • Sleep. Turmeric gets chummy with holy basil, coconut, goji berries, nutmeg and CBD hemp extract to help you breathe, relax, and sleep.
  • Turmeric Ginger Shot. Give sinus congestion your best shot with this tiny-but-mighty jar of turmeric and ginger. Easy to take with you, so when allergies strike, you’re ready.

5. Green Tea

What can’t green tea do? So far, it can’t create world peace or solve climate change, but it can do a lot to change your world. The Chinese knew long before we did that green tea is good for your health. When it comes to sinus relief, it can help reduce inflammation so those sinus cavities can stand down and be at ease.

When it comes to green teas, the options are too long to list individually. So, we invite you to choose your favorite green tea for sinus relief. Take that, fall allergy season!

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Great article! Love that I have natural ways to fight my allergies.

Great article! Love that I have natural ways to fight my allergies.

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