Best Teas for Digestion

Best Teas for Digestion

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best teas for digestion, from peppermint and chamomile to cinnamon, rooibos and more.

An upset stomach is something most of us have had to deal with our whole lives. From colicky babies to chronic adult digestive issues to that guy who doesn’t know when to stop eating the mega-hot chicken wings, we’ve all suffered from troublesome gut health. Fortunately, teas can help ease some tummy troubles like indigestion, acid reflux, gas, bloating, and more. (I know…such wonderful topics!)

Let’s look at which teas are good for digestion so the next time you have a troublesome tummy; you’ll know what teas to reach for to ease the pain.

1. Peppermint

Used as an herbal medicine for thousands of years, peppermint is well known for its ability to soothe an upset stomach and improve digestion. Even people with issues like IBS can find symptom relief by ingesting peppermint, thanks to menthol, a compound in peppermint that improves digestive problems. If your stomach issues are caused by stress, there’s something about a cup of peppermint tea that is calming, helping reduce anxiety and the physical ailments that can come along with it. Peppermint tea is one of the best teas for digestion.

Some peppermint teas:

2. Ginger

A true superpower in the world of herbal and Ayurvedic medicine, ginger’s weapon against digestive issues is its anti-inflammatory properties. A cup of ginger tea is many a pregnant woman’s go-to for nausea and morning sickness, and it’s a friend to those who suffer from motion sickness as well.

Some ginger teas:

3. Chamomile

From helping you relax and sleep to helping calm a churning, burning stomach, chamomile is well known for its beneficial properties to both your physical and mental well-being. 

Some chamomile teas:

4. Cinnamon

In addition to its well-known anti-inflammatory properties and helping control blood sugar by slowing the digestion of carbohydrates, cinnamon can increase the secretion of digestive fluids. This process helps your body digest food, and the better your body digests food, the less chance you will experience gas and bloating (yes, those topics again!).

Some cinnamon teas:

5. Rooibos

Rooibos, an herb native to South Africa, contains antispasmodic properties that can aid in digestion and provide relief for stomach cramps and abdominal pain. It can also help with symptoms of IBS.

Some rooibos teas:

6. Lemon

It is said that the sour element in lemon is said to stir up your “agni,” which in Samskrita means “fire.” In Ayurvedic medicine, “agni” is the entity that is responsible for all digestive and metabolic processes in humans. In other words, lemon is the trigger for setting good things in motion! In addition to helping to keep you moving, you’ll boost your vitamin C levels with more lemon in your diet.

Some lemon teas:

7. Licorice Root

One of the variety of health benefits that licorice root is known for is promoting digestive health and easing the symptoms of digestive problems. Another good reason to drink it after dinner? Its sweet taste. We offer a Ginger Liquorice tea that has the one-two digestive punch of licorice root and ginger.

8. Pu-erh

The fermentation process that makes pu-erh a unique tea also imparts it with antimicrobial properties, which act much like yogurt cultures, serving as a probiotic to enhance digestive health. It’s a great idea to drink Pu-erh teas after having especially rich or fatty foods to help improve digestion.

Some Pu-erh teas:

9. Dandelion

That’s right. That “weed” growing in your yard is one of the most insanely nutritious plants around, on par with kale and spinach for nutrition density. Dandelions are packed with a host of minerals and vitamins, and all parts of a dandelion are edible. Just make sure to source your dandelions from areas that have not been treated with chemicals. This little yellow flower that could has been used for centuries in herbal medicine to improve digestion, fight colds and improve health in general. Next time you get out your weed whacker, think twice about how you treat those dandelions!

You can steep dandelions in hot water and strain to make a straight-up dandelion tea. Or, for more flavor, you can steep them in other teas that also have digestive benefits. In addition to the ones listed above, studies have shown that oolong teas aid in digestion. Green teas, already superstars in the health benefits category, can also help soothe a tummy ache. And finally, good ol’ black teas, which contain thearubigins and theaflavins – both of which act as antioxidants – provide additional digestive benefits such as helping prevent bloating, upset stomachs and could provide some protection against stomach ulcers.

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