Top 10 Best Sellers of 2021

Top 10 Best Sellers of 2021

We run down the list of our top ten best-selling teas and products of 2021, plus list some of the new blends and collections that debuted in 2021.
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Is it just us, or did 2021 fly by for you too? On the other hand, like certain cargo ships, at times it did feel like we were stuck in a little bit of 2020 d√©j√† vu. Last year certainly brought its fair share of surprises, including our customers‚Äô favorite products. While the most popular product may or may not have changed ‚Äď you‚Äôll have to read on to find out ‚Äď there were definitely some newcomers to the best-seller list. So, without further ado‚Ķhere are the products you made our top 10 most popular in 2021!


#10. Gingerbread Festival

The ‚Äúyoungest‚ÄĚ tea to make the list, Gingerbread Festival debuted in 2020 and immediately won over the hearts and taste buds of our customers! Equal parts sweet and spicy, with an aroma that will knock your little white icing socks off, this tea has quickly become a holiday must-have. We hear of folks stocking up on this tea to drink year-round, which we think is a grand idea. We have an idea that there might be some¬†Pumpkin Spice¬†lovers who do the same thing‚Ķ

#9. Victorian London Fog

We can’t imagine a year without Victorian London Fog on the best-seller list! Dreamed up by one of our customers during our annual blending contest, it is simply a must-have for thousands. It has been described as a foggy London day in a cup, and clearly a lot of people really dig that flavor. Transport yourself with this beloved tea.

#8. Linen Tea Chest in Grey Featuring Eight Teas

While our tea chests have always been popular, the debut of this classic grey color propelled this sampler chest into the best-seller category. Between the sleek look and the 32 individually wrapped tea bags showcasing eight different teas, we shouldn’t have been surprised. 

#7. Teabag & Honey Sampler

Proving that samplers were a big hit in 2021, our Teabag & Honey Sampler is also a newcomer to the best-seller list. We should have known when we put together 60 tea bags featuring 15 different teas and then sweetened the deal with 10 honey sticks, all packed in a lovely box with our logo, that people would love it. Which was the point, after all!

#6. English Breakfast

This classic tea will just not be denied a spot on the best-seller roster. There‚Äôs good reason: for those desiring a classic, straightforward tea ‚Äď no added flavors, thank you very much ‚Äď you can‚Äôt beat our 100% Keenum English Breakfast tea. Much like a good British butler, it will never let you down.

#5. Fresh Brew Iced Tea Sampler

Clearly 2021 was the year of the sampler! Like, why just order one delicious tea when you can order and try a bunch? We totally get it. Our Fresh Brew Iced Tea line has become incredibly popular, and this sampler is a great way to discover why ‚Äď includes four of our fan-favorite flavors for summertime anytime.

#4. Paris

Our Paris blend has been declared très magnifique by customers for years. Some have even declared it a masterpiece worthy of inclusion in the Louvre. We don’t know about that, but the flavors are so delicious, we think they could make Mona Lisa smile. (For those monitoring their caffeine level, Paris comes in decaf as well!)

#3. Earl Grey Supreme

How do you improve on a classic? By starting with a higher grade of black tea, adding Silver Tips white tea and topping it off with bergamot ‚Äď that‚Äôs Earl Grey Supreme. If it weren‚Äôt for a certain other blend of ours, it‚Äôs likely this would be our #1 blend. But until things change, it will always be a beautiful, popular bridesmaid‚Ķbut never the bride on this list.

#2. Decaf Hot Cinnamon Spice

Say what?? A decaf not only made the best-seller list, but it came in at #2? That‚Äôs right, folks. When you‚Äôre a tea this good, customers clamor for it in decaf, too, so they can have a cuppa their sweet ‚Äėn spicy favorite even at night without fear of staying awake. The only thing that keeps them awake is fear of running out.

#1. Hot Cinnamon Spice

We hit tea gold when we came up with this blend. Our #1 best-selling tea is a hands-down favorite with customers around the world, and we couldn‚Äôt be happier about the joy it brings to them. Hot Cinnamon Spice is truly the embodiment of our motto, ‚ÄúOnly drink tea that makes you smile.‚ÄĚ This one brings a naturally sweet and just-the-right-amount-of-spicy grin to their lips.

In addition to our top 10 teas, 2021 saw the debut of several new blends. If you haven’t given them a try yet, we invite you to give your taste buds the gift of something new!

Last year brought some exciting new items to our sister company, The Hemp Division, as well:

  • Lift¬†and¬†Ace. Yes, we‚Äôre a tea company, but we recognize there are people out there who also like coffee ‚Äď so we made two brews with our all-natural hemp to give their cuppa joe a CBD boost. Lift also comes as¬†ground coffee.
  • Boom. A delicious black tea with chocolate, coconut and 22mg of CBD hemp extract.
  • Sleep. You‚Äôll do just that with this dreamy herbal blend of holy basil, moringa, coconut and 25mg of our homegrown CBD hemp extract.
  • Green Tea & Honey CBD Shot. One little jar containing green tea, honey and 30mg of CBD for a quick dose of goodness.
  • Turmeric Ginger CBD Shot. All the health benefits of turmeric and ginger, along with 30mg of CBD in one convenient, take-me-anywhere jar.

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Jonne Walter

I want to buy Puer green tea and cannot find this on your site, though I believe you do sell it

I want to buy Puer green tea and cannot find this on your site, though I believe you do sell it

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