Tea Accessories

We offer a variety of excellent kettles, teapots, mugs, and accessories for brewing and serving tea, since teaware and presentation are a major part of the "tea experience." Be sure to check out our tea collections to find the perfect blend for you.

  • Teapots


    Choose your favorite from our selection of colorful ceramics and classic styles. They come in a range of sizes: just enough to make tea for you, a little bigger to make tea for two, or larger still for up to a few.



    To prepare tea, you need hot water. Here are some elegant and efficient solutions we suggest for stovetop preparation, to the latest electric kettle models with digital temperature settings, or travel features. 

  • Logoware


    Many of our friends & fans love to show their enthusiasm for our fine teas. Show your Harney Pride!

  • Tea Accessories

    Tea Accessories & Books

    Here is a nice selection of scoops to measure loose tea, whisks and bowls to prepare matcha, digital timers, water bottles, and tea books. 

  • Tea Filters & Strainers

    Tea Filters & Strainers

    If you like loose tea, and we sure do, these filters are a necessity. Choose from durable permanent tea filters in stainless steel, economical paper filters, or extra special silver plated strainers. 

  • Teacups & Mugs

    Teacups & Mugs

    Banish that boring cup! Set your table in style or keep your tea hot when you're on the go.

  • Candles


    One of the most unique and memorable aspects of enjoying tea is the aroma as it infuses. Taking inspiration from their favorite teas, Brigitte and Emeric Harney created this collection of candles that we are happy to present to you.