Tea Collections

As an introduction to Harney & Sons Fine Teas, we suggest trying teas from among our many Tea Collections. These collections feature our most popular and favorite tea blends in a variety of tea sachets, tea bags, convenient brewing pouches to make a pitcher of iced tea, and seasonal and specialty loose teas. Our Samplers and Tea Chests are also an ideal way to start comparing teas to suit your taste.

Packaging Types

  • Harney and Sons 50 Count Tea Sachets

    50 Count Tea Sachets

    We’ve taken our most popular tea flavors and made it easier than ever for you to enjoy the blend you love. Our loose leaf sachets offer a convenient way to steep and are packed with flavor. Whether you like green, black, or herbal teas, our 50 count sachets will keep your pantry stocked.

  • Harney and Sons 20 Count Teabags

    20 Count Teabags

    Wrapped in foil and individually packaged for easy transport, our Premium Tea Bag collection is perfect for home, travel, or to share with colleagues at work. Each box holds 20 tea bags of one of our best selling teas. Pick your favorite flavor and enjoy your tea wherever you are.

  • Harney and Sons Individually Wrapped Sachets

    Individually Wrapped Sachets

    We’ve taken our best selling teas, wrapped them in gorgeous silk sachets, and packaged them individually for the tea drinker who is always on the go. Perfect for the home, office, or carry on, these flavorful teas are easy to pack and even easier to enjoy - no strainer required!

  • Harney and Sons Loose Leaf Tea

    Loose Leaf Tea

    Experience tea in its finest form. Take time to enjoy our classic blends or single origin teas in loose form, allowing the tea leaf room to bloom. Choose from nearly 200 teas.

  • Harney and Sons Iced Tea Pouches

    Iced Tea Pouches

    While there’s nothing better than a cold glass of iced tea in the summer, our fresh brewed iced teas are delicious year-round. From green iced teas to fruit iced teas, we have the brew for you. Take your favorite flavor to the next level and mix it with your favorite alcohol or champagne and top with fruit for a unique iced tea cocktail.


  • Chopra Center Teas


    Upping your wellness game has never been easier, thanks to this amazing collection of teas and herbs. From the surprising Avocado Sunrise tea, a mixture of avocado leaves, hemp leaves and herbs, to our latest wellness botanical, Golden Milk, made with a mixture of adaptogens and spices, these blends and others will leave you feeling calm, relaxed and rested.



    If you’ve been thinking of expanding your decaf routine, this collection of unique herbal infusions and tisanes will open your mind to the wonderful wellness world of these blends. With ingredients like beetroot, Chaga mushrooms, Ashwaganda root, turmeric, ginger, coconut, hemp and much more, you’ll find these blends invigorating and relaxing at the same time.



    What is it about cinnamon that makes us feel all warm inside? Whatever it is, it’s why four variations of our popular Hot Cinnamon Spice tea are featured in our Teas That Warm the Soul collection: regular, decaf, herbal and green varieties, along with another heartwarmer, Organic Ginger Turmeric.

The Hemp Division

  • Cold Drinks

    Cold Drinks

    Find your perfect dose of CBD with a variety of refreshing drinks, including iced coffee, sparkling elixirs and iced teas in many flavors and CBD levels.

  • Hot Tea

    Hot Tea

    These hot teas are a great companion in your every day, crafted to relax the body and ease the mind. The various levels of CBD in each product allow you to choose which intake would be the best fit.

  • Sundries


    Continue your wellness journey with more products made with all-natural, from-the-roots-up ingredients such as MCT Oil. Our Sundries are handcrafted, honest and potent.

Beloved Brews

  • Harney and Sons Best Sellers

    Best Sellers

    Looking for fan favorites? Our Best Sellers include our highest customer rated teas and are a perfect place to begin looking for your new favorite tea.

  • Harney and Sons Historic Royal Palaces Blends

    Historic Royal Palaces Blends

    Experience tea’s imperial roots with our Historic Royal Palaces blends. Each unique blend comes in a lovely tin with 30 sachets. Each sale supports the Historic Royal Palaces charity. Choose a blend to learn more.

  • Harney and Sons HT Blends

    HT Blends

    Our HT Tea blends are Harney family favorites for reason. Made with the finest, full-leaf teas sourced from around the world, this collection of brightly colored tins and flavorful teas was a family collaboration that is steeped in Harney family tradition.

  • Harney and Sons Classic Tea Blends

    Classic Tea Blends

    Whether you are a new tea drinker or a master brewer, our Classic Collection is comprised of our most popular and best selling teas. Elegantly packaged, our tins are filled with 20 silk sachets and will look lovely on any shelf.

  • Tea Tin of Hot Cinnamon Spice tea

    Hot Cinnamon Spice Teas

    The finest tea leaves are sourced from around the world and blended with three types of cinnamon, orange peel, and sweet cloves to create our most popular tea ever, Hot Cinnamon Spice. Available in herbal, green, and black tea varieties, this sugar-free blend is delicious hot or over ice.

  • Harney and Sons Bottled Iced Tea

    Bottled Iced Tea

    Paul Harney has created some of the best tasting iced teas out there. He has also chosen other beverages to feature that are delicious, healthy, and created by other individuals (not large companies).

Specialty Teas

  • Harney and Sons Seasonal and Specialty Teas

    Specialty Teas

    Over the years, we've created special teas for the holidays, cultural events, and charitable endeavors. These tea blends are very unique and include creatively designed tins that match the theme.

  • Harney and Sons Flowering Tea

    Flowering Tea

    Our blooming teas are just as fun to watch as they are to drink. Each tin holds 8 bundles of dried tea leaves that open to reveal brightly colored flowers once they are placed in hot water. Delight your friends and family during a special occasion or treat yourself at the end of a long day.

  • Harney and Sons Chopra Center Blends

    Chopra Center Blends

    Ayurveda teaches us that balance is the key to health and happiness and recommends the use of specific herbs and spices to aid in the elimination of physical and emotional toxins (ama). We partnered with the Chopra Center to create this delicious line of balancing teas to help you detox and cleanse your body and so it can return to a natural state of balance.

Types of Tea

  • Harney and Sons Black Tea

    Black Tea

    Premium black teas are withered, rolled, oxidized and fired in an oven, creating a warm and toasty flavor. We offer teas from around the world, as well as flavorful blends only found from Harney and Sons.

  • Harney and Sons Green Tea

    Green Tea

    Green teas are lightly steamed, locking in their green color and fresh flavors. We offer green teas from the finest regions including China, Japan, and others. Try one of our flavored green teas for a more exotic flavor.

  • Harney and Sons Oolong Tea

    Oolong Tea

    Halfway between green and black tea, Oolong teas tend to the most complex in flavor ranging from sweet and creamy, to darkly toasted. We offer traditional loose leaf as well as flavored oolong blends.

  • Harney and Sons White Tea

    White Tea

    White teas are the least processed, resulting in delicate flavors and aromas. Choose from our delicious blends or enjoy truly rare teas such as our Mutan White.

  • Harney and Sons Herbal Infusions

    Herbal Infusions

    Herbal infusions do not contain leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant, but instead consist of dried herbs, flowers and fruits. These blends range in color and flavor, and are typically caffeine free.

  • Harney and Sons Matcha


    Matcha tea is a stone-ground, powdered tea from Japan with a long history, wrapped in ceremony. We offer 3 grades of matcha, as well as tasty blends. You can also find all the matcha accessories needed to brew that perfect cup.

  • Harney and Sons Organic Tea

    Organic Tea

    Our organic teas are grown and processed without the use of artificial fertilizers or pesticides, benefiting you and our growers. Choose from a variety of teas, including some of our favorite blends but 100% organic.

  • Harney and Sons Decaf Tea

    Decaf Tea

    Looking for a cup of wonderful comfort without all the caffeine? Look not further as we offer some of our favorite black and green teas but in decaf. We use a natural method of decaffeination that preserves the flavor and health benefits of our tea. See if your favorite tea comes in decaf.

Tea Accessories

  • Harney and Sons Teacups & Mugs

    Teacups & Mugs

    Wrap your hands around one of our artisanal mugs and teacups. Whether you need a traditional matcha bowl or like to sip from classic china tea cups and saucers, our selection of tea accessories will keep your tea, and your hands, warm.

  • Harney and Sons Tea Strainers & Filters

    Tea Strainers & Filters

    Our selection of tea strainers and filters make loose tea preparation a breeze. Whether you are looking for a reusable filter or like the convenience of paper filters, we have the tools you need to make the perfect cup of tea.

  • Harney and Sons Teapots


    Making the perfect pot of tea is an art. Using our iced tea jugs, traditional teapots, glass teapots and glass teapot warmers, and teapots with infusers, you can master the art of the perfect pot in no time. Whether you’re looking to expand your teapot collection or replace an old teapot, we have what you need.

  • Harney and Sons Tea Kettles

    Tea Kettles

    Heat your water to the ideal brewing temperature with our selection of stovetop, electric, and travel kettles. While we love the classic tea kettle, many of the newer, electric kettles come equipped with programmable brewing temperatures, filters, warming options, and more.

Tea Gifts for All Occasions

  • Harney and Sons Most Popular Gifts

    Most Popular Gifts

    Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Weddings, we have you covered. Our gift sets are well adorned to match the occasion, or tastefully done for business gifts.

  • Harney and Sons Gift Boxes & Tea Chests

    Gift Boxes & Tea Chests

    Not sure which tea you want to try first? Get familiar with our fine tea selection and order one of our sampler packs. Choose a sampler of wrapped sachets, tea bags, tagalongs, or loose teas and discover a new favorite.