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The antioxidants, amino acids, and calming properties found in our wellness brews and matcha teas promote balance in both mind and body. Boost your well-being by sipping these infusions that support energy levels, mental clarity, and your body's nourishment.
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Featured Products

Discover a world of well-being with our handpicked featured products from the Wellness Collection.

Butterfly Pea Flower

One notable property of butterfly pea flower
is its potential to promote hair
and skin health. The antioxidants in the flower may contribute to reducing
signs of aging by protecting the skin
from free radicals.

Organic Tune Up Hibiscus Ginger

Tune up with an infusion specially designed to support your body's defenses. This organic brew combines flavors of tropical hibiscus, rosehips, apple, and powerful echinacea for an energetic, antioxidant-filled base.


When we were approached about offering bamboo leaf, we were intrigued. What would a liquor taste like from these bright leaves? The pretty green leaves steep into a light, vegetal and sweet brew. Our Asian friends think that it can help improve your well-being.

Reviews From Customers Like You

I didn't have an expectation
of something that would taste
this good, mainly because I know
that turmeric can be very
bitter if over used.

- Eileen K

Organic Golden Milk

The taste is subtle. May take getting used to, but not for me. Was love at the first sip. It's delicate, complex and delicious. The benefits are amazing so give this a try!!!

- Ursula I.

Avocado Leaf

I used to be a Starbucks Matcha drinker, but it was way too sugary. I am picky when it comes to Matcha; quality, thickness, and taste, and I have to say, this one is my favorite.

- Brianna C.

Matcha Jobetsugi

Perfect flavor combination; the ginger, turmeric and lemongrass are fantastic together. I drink a cup every day, take it with me when traveling, and share it with others.

- Nathalie W.

Organic Ginger Turmeric