March 02, 2017 1 min read

Here is the the word from China: 

"Now March , at the end of this month , we will pick up tea leaves and make tea . because last winter is more rain and warm , maybe we will make  tea earlier than last year."

And from Darjeeling:

"At the moment it is still very cold in Darjeeling mountains. From 800 to 1,700 meter above sea level.
It is getting around 3 to 4 degrees only during night time. This is quite normal at this time of year.
During the last couple of weeks there was not enough rain though.
To expect a good season there needs to be rain in january and february. But there was only few.
It is way too early to call it a bad season.
But we have to observe the rain situation and when temperatires are rising, some rain should come."
We bought some Frost Tea from Southern India that we will offer in about 2 weeks.
So you can expect new crops of tea soon!

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