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In Middle Europe (Germany & Austria) they have developed a great affection for Fruit Teas. They have no caffeine, but look stunning with their russet liquors and have delicious flavors. Blood Orange has become our most popular one.
Dry Leaves Dried fruit pieces that are mostly orange.
Liquor Russet
Aroma Sweet notes of Blood Oranges.
Caffeine Level Caffeine Free
Body A light bodied beverage.
Flavors Blood orange makes for delicious flavors.
Brewing Time 4 to 5 minutes
Brewing Temperature 212°F

Blood Orange Fruit Tea

Our Blood Orange Fruit Tea, a brilliant blend of dried fruit, has the lovely and distinctive “twist” found in blood oranges. Delicious hot or cold, it brews an aromatic and vivid shade of orange. Caffeine free.
tea bags
Blood Orange Fruit Tea – Loose Tea, Sample
SKU: 49008-189
Blood Orange Fruit Tea – Loose Tea, 4 oz Tin
SKU: 44016
Blood Orange Fruit Tea – Loose Tea, 1 lb Bag
SKU: 41661

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This tea is like aroma therapy....
Average Review:

When i make this tea the whole room smells so refreshing and relaxing. The color is so pretty too...its just a pleasure to brew a pot of tea and watch the tea bleeds through the filter, (and this is a blood orange mix). I added a touch of honey when i drink it hot, so soothing.



perfect bedtime tea
Average Review:

This tea was a pleasant surprise. I am not a huge fan of fruit teas, but I needed an evening decaf calming tea mostly for guests. I too fell in love with the slightly tart aroma that does not fall on the bitter side. Great blend, I'll be sure to always have it on hand.
Perfect companion to an evening meal, or as an iced tea.



Astounding flavors
Average Review:

This tea blew me away with the first sip, I was fully expecting to get a flavorful tea after having sampled other offerings from H&S but I was extremely surprised with this one. The tea comes out with a sour bitterness you can only associate with oranges, obviously blood oranges! Believe it or not I've never had a blood orange so I was going into this not knowing fully what to expect, but with everything I've read everyone else has it spot on. I would love to say I loved this tea, but for me the taste just didn't click for me. The bitter/sourness was just a bit too much for me to enjoy. I will be looking to try this as an iced tea at some point in the future as I feel it may fit better there than as a hot tea. For someone who likes oranges or blood oranges I think you will love this tea so don't hesitate to give it a try.

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