Simply Tea

Simply Tea

We share a list of teas that are not blends at all, but are simply one kind of tea and nothing else. Explore these one-ingredient teas.

When it comes to enjoying tea, for many people, less is more. When we say that, we‚Äôre going beyond people who prefer to drink their tea without any additives like milk, milk substitutes, or sweeteners. For tea drinkers who firmly believe less is more, a blended tea ‚Äď one with several ingredients like our best-selling Hot Cinnamon Spice, for example, that contains black tea and several added flavors ‚Äď is simply not to their taste.

If you‚Äôre one of those people who prefers to taste the tea as it is with no additional additives, like a traditional green tea, a black tea, or even a butterfly pea flower tea, then you‚Äôll love the following list of some of the teas we carry that are not blended with additional ingredients at all ‚Äď they‚Äôre simply tea. And while the tea itself may be simple, the flavor and experience are anything but.

Black Teas

  • Classic Collection English Breakfast. We carry two versions of English Breakfast tea. Our Classic Collection has a 100% Chinese Keemun base, which researchers have traced back to the 1800s.
  • HT English Breakfast. While still only made with black tea and nothing else, our HT English Breakfast uses full leaf black teas from both Ceylon and Kenya.¬†
  • Irish Breakfast. Made with 100% Assam black tea, this hearty tea is well-suited for taking with milk, but if you prefer straight, we‚Äôre not going to stop you.
  • Organic Darjeeling. This single estate darjeeling tea varies in flavor and appearance from year to year depending on which producer offers the highest quality tea, which is what you‚Äôll always get from Harney!

Green Teas

  • Japanese Sencha. Our founder and my grandfather, John Harney, had this tea every morning for 10 years. He loved the taste and the added benefit of green tea antioxidants.
  • Matcha. Matcha is a powdered form of tencha, a green tea. Our three grades of classic matcha ‚Äď Jobetsugi, Senjunomukashi, and Unjonotomo ‚Äď are about as simple and classic as matcha gets. Our Organic Matcha is another great option.
  • Lung Ching. Lung Chings are some of the best Chinese teas and are famous around the world. An ancient tea with a mild and sweet, almost nut-like flavor.¬†
  • Organic Bancha. Even though this green tea is from China, it is prepared in the Japanese fashion of steam-fixing, which allows it to be a very light-bodied tea.

Oolong Teas

  • Formosa Oolong. A dark brown tea that has been popular for decades, when used in blends we refer to Formosa Oolong as ‚Äúthe secret sauce of teas‚ÄĚ due to the popularity of its flavor‚Ķwhich is why you‚Äôll enjoy it all on its own.
  • Traditional Da Hong Pao. This tea is fixed the old-school way of slowly drying it over charcoal, which gives it its toasty flavors mixed with stone fruit.
  • Ali San Oolong. A lightly oxidized oolong from the mountains of Taiwan, it is one of the creamiest oolongs.

White Teas

  • Ceylon Vintage Silver Tips. If you want to experience a truly simple tea, this rare beauty is a must. This light, sweet tea is plucked and made just for Harney & Sons. Because it is just the bud and no leaves, the flavor is different from traditional tea.
  • Mutan White. This tea is made on the same hills outside Fuan in the Fujian province of China where Chinese Silver Needle is made. It has a yellow-green liquor and is the darkest of all white teas because of how it‚Äôs processed with the leaves attached to the white tip.¬†


  • Chamomile. Chamomile tea is, of course, famous for its calming properties. And like all tisanes, which are herbal, naturally caffeine-free teas, it is not a blend but has only one ingredient. That is the hallmark of a true tisane.
  • Butterfly Pea Flower. Butterfly Pea Flower tea has become incredibly popular in recent years for reasons like its many beneficial Ayurvedic properties, its beautiful blue hue (which turns to purple when you add acid, like lemon), and its sweet, earthy taste.
  • Lavender. My mother, Brigitte Harney, loves this tea as it reminds her of her homeland, France. A bright blue, strongly floral tea.


Organic Rooibos. Rooibos is a South African herb with a host of beneficial properties along with a lovely red hue and delicious earthy flavor.

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Do you offer make your own sampler?

Do you offer make your own sampler?

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