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Many of the blends used in our flavored green teas are what might be considered sweet as in a dessert. So, Mike wanted to do a tea that was more “savory.” Being a big fan of Thailand, he decided to lean on the flavors found in many Thai dishes (at least in the States.) And that is what we have blended into the green tea: ginger for spice, lemongrass for some citrus flavors, and coconut for creaminess. It all comes together into a lovely tea.
Dry Leaves Lighter colored lemongrass is visible amongst the green tea leaves.
Liquor Bright yellow with slightly brown hues.
Aroma The aroma of this tea is a tropical mélange, including ginger and vanilla.
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body This flavored green tea has a moderate to light body.
Flavors A mixture of coconut, lemongrass, ginger, and vanilla flavors.
Brewing Time No
Brewing Temperature No

Green Tea with Coconut & Ginger

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HRP Green Tea w/ Coconut & Ginger - 30 sachet tin
SKU: 35419

Customer Reviews

Jarvis G


My First Green Tea ever and I'm Hooked!
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I read about green tea and its health benefits so I thought I'd give it a shot. I found the bottled versions at a local store, Native Sun, in Jacksonville, Fl and the flavors in this one caught my attention. I knew that I'd need a flavored version since I heard from many that the taste could take getting used to. It was amazing and refreshing! I now drink up to 2 bottles/day on the weekends and 1 per day throughout the week! Great tea and I've only been drinking it for a week and a half!

Brian G


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This has replaced the Tropical Green as my favorite tea (Harney & Sons or otherwise) to make iced tea out of. It has enough flavour to be delicious on it's own when chilled, or I sometimes add two teaspoons of honey to it before it cools to accentuate the flavours within.

I also find that, with the ginger especially, that having it hot with honey is tremendous for congestion and a sore throat!

Brady's mom


My special treat tea
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I first had this tea at a Barnes and Noble cafe. It was so good that I took the tag home, found the websit, and ordered it immediately! I don't have it every day, I think of it as a treat.

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