The Magic Has Concluded… For Now

Our enchanting Disney Tea Collection has concluded. While this limited edition is no longer available, the magic lingers. Stay tuned for future delights and continue exploring our range. Until we brew again, keep the magic alive with Harney & Sons.

Thank you for embracing the enchantment of our Disney Collection. It has been an extraordinary journey bringing these whimsical teas to your cups, alongside recipes perfect for pairing or inspired by the very essence of Disney magic.

Though the curtains have closed on this limited edition series, the memories brewed from each sip will linger like a timeless tale. Our collaboration with Disney allowed us to create not just tea, but an experience‚ÄĒa collection inspired by some of the most cherished characters and stories.

While this collection is no longer available, the adventure doesn’t end here. We invite you to continue exploring our wide range of teas and stay tuned for future collaborations that promise to spark joy and add a little magic to your daily rituals.

Until we brew again, keep the magic alive with every cup from Harney & Sons.