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Decaf Chocolate Tea


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This decaffeinated version of our Chocolate Tea has the soothing and satisfying flavors of natural chocolate, without the caffeine. Decaf Chocolate is a pleasant alternative when you crave the same rich aroma and taste, yet need a decaf base instead of full-strength China black tea. Enjoy it anytime.

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Mike's Tea Ratings

Briskness: 1
Body: 1
Aroma: 4
Details: A magazine called Chocolatier commissioned us to do a chocolate tea. At first we refused, but then we saw their logic. And we continue to see their logic with each delicous sip.
Dry Leaves: China black is the base of this tea, giving it is dark brown appearance.
Liquor: This tea has a light brown liquor.
Aroma: This tea smells like a dessert with a rich chocolate aroma.
Caffeine Level: decaffeinated
Body: A medium body
Flavors: Skip the dessert and go straight for this delicious tea with its strong chocolate flavor.
Brewing Time: 4-5
Brewing Temp: 212º