Ginger's Oolong, Bag of 50 Sachets

When we added ginger to our peachy and delicious Formosa Oolong, we created Ginger's Oolong, a fun and flavorful spin on our popular Peaches & Ginger tea. Bag of 50 tea sachets. Each sachet brews a 12 oz cup. Caffeinated.


Oolong tea, ginger root. Contains natural flavors.

Kosher Halal

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Mike's Tea Ratings

Briskness: 1
Body: 2
Aroma: 3
Details: This is an old blend done over ten years ago. Our Peaches & Ginger is a popular black tea blend. So we thought, "Formosa Oolong has peach notes, lets add some ginger root." Thus Ginger's oolong was born.
Dry Leaves: Dark brown leaves.
Liquor: The ginger in this tea makes the liquor slightly darker, a medium brown.
Aroma: The oolong provides the dark peach notes and the ginger gives spicy aromas.
Caffeine Level: caffeinated
Body: The oolong is medium bodied.
Flavors: The subtle flavors of peaches and toasted nuts are nicely contrasted by the ginger.
Brewing Time: 5-Apr
Brewing Temp: 205º