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Li Shan

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Li Shan, considered to be among the best oolong teas in the world, comes from one of Taiwan's highest mountain areas. The tea plants must battle cold (sometimes even snow) and frequent mists. This makes a rare and haunting brew, with echoes of honey and cream.

Mike's Tea Ratings

Briskness: 1
Body: 3
Aroma: 4
Details: Li Shan is one of the most recent High Mountain (Gao Shan) tea growing areas. It is located in the middle of Taiwan's central mountain region. The tea is rolled into balls using special machines. In the old days, they used the feet of strong teamen to bend the leaf. This is considered one of the best oolongs in the world.
Dry Leaves: Green leaves tightly rolled into little pieces.
Liquor: A very light clear green-yellow.
Aroma: Sweet, with an intense mixture of flowers, pears, and lemons.
Caffeine Level: Caffeinated
Body: A little lighter than last year's crop.
Flavors: Creamy, like lemon and pear with underlying vegetal notes.
Brewing Time: 4 to 5 minutes
Brewing Temp: 175-195º